Kate Middleton: height, weight and the biography of the Duchess

Kate Middleton (height, weight, see. Below) - the wife of the Duke of Cambridge, William, which accounts for the eldest son of Prince Charles.In Scotland, it is known as the Countess Straternskaya.


The current representative of the royal family, Kate Middleton's height, weight and other data of interest to many (and not just English).

We will start with the story that she was born in Reading in 1982.Parents brought the future Duchess of civil aviation: Michael worked as an air traffic controller, and Carol - a flight attendant.The wedding took place in 1980 in the county of Buckinghamshire.

In 1987, the Middleton family couple founded the company Party Pieces, engaged in mail-order sales.It is firmly established in the British market, making Michael and Carol millionaires.


Kate Middleton (biography, height, weight, which you will find in this article) attended a private school in Berkshire.Then, the future Duchess went to college named Marlborough College, which has reached the gold level Duke of Edinburgh program.After his graduation, Kate decided not to continue his studies and left for a year in Italy.

In 2001, she filed documents in the University of St Andrews.In this place she met the heir to the British throne.In 2005, Kate has successfully finished his studies, receiving a degree in "History of Art".However, the future Duchess did not work in the profession, he took a job at the parent company.


In 2011, Kate Middleton (height, weight, which has always been a subject of controversy in the press) married William.

for the ceremony was made two dresses (for the wedding and the wedding dinner).First of all struck by fashion experts.Above it worked representatives of the British brand, "Alexander McQueen".The second dress was created by stylist and designer Bruce Oldfield, who in the past worked out a wardrobe of Princess Diana.

On the main ceremony was attended by only the rich, famous and influential.This list includes: Guy Ritchie, Rowan Atkinson, Elton John, David Beckham and many others.

British capital very well earned in this marriage.Costs visitors reached figures of 107 million pounds (about $ 176 million).

In 2011, on wide screens released film "Kate and William," dedicated to the relationship and the wedding of Prince and Princess.


At the beginning of December 2012 Official Journal of the Royal Court made a statement to the press about the pregnancy of the Duchess.With symptoms of toxicity have put it a few days in the hospital of King Edward.In July 2013 Kate Middleton (height, weight, which regularly appears in the society pages) gave birth to a son - George Alexander Louis.

In September 2014, the press found out about the second pregnancy of the Duchess.It was originally planned that the child will be born in April 2015.But the daughter - Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - was born at the beginning of next month.

Kate Middleton: height, weight, parameters

Before the wedding, the duchess wore a 46th the size.For the ceremony the girl took off significantly more weight and postroynela, finding the model parameters: 86-58-88.

growth Kate - 175 centimeters.Before the birth weight of the girls ranged from 55 to 60 kilograms.After the birth of her daughter's weight increased, but we think that the Duchess soon return to the initial settings.