Earthquake in Turkey (1999, 2011)

one of the strongest in recent years in the Middle East was Izmit earthquake in Turkey in 1999.Its epicenter was near the industrial city of Izmit, at a depth of 17 km.According to official data, it has claimed the lives of 17,217 people.The wounded were about 43 959, homeless remained almost 500,000 inhabitants.Other sources covering the earthquake in Turkey in 1999, issued a completely different data.Regarding the victims was announced figure of 40,000 people, and about the same number of persons injured.

This disaster resulted in serious economic losses for the country.Beyond repair 120,000 buildings, 50,000 buildings have proved to be serious injuries, several factories were completely destroyed, damaged water supply lines.In addition, virtually destroyed power lines in the region, which during the disaster remained without communications.

Very strong earthquake in Turkey in 2011 occurred in the southeastern province of 13 h. 41 min.October 23.The central point of the seismic source was located at a depth of 16 km, at a distance of 16 km from the village of Van.Repeated seismic shock has been less intense, fixed it after 7 minutes after the main.The first was a magnitude 7.1, and the second - 4.9 points (center to the north-west, 23 km from Van, at a depth of 2 km).Then after 11 min.there was a second aftershock in the same direction.

The next day, the earthquake in Turkey again.It happened the most powerful aftershocks, the magnitude of which was 6.0 points.After 6 days, another aftershock of 5.3 points overtaken the region.This series of tremors felt in Armenia and the population.In particular, Yerevan residents felt strong fluctuations in the Earth's crust that caused them to flee in panic from their homes.

In November 2011 earthquake in Turkey happen again.The epicenter was located in the same province, 15 km from the city of Van.As a result, there were about 25 buildings collapse.There were a few casualties among the residents of the city, more than 50 people were under the rubble.A total of aftershocks that occurred 09/11/2011, killing 30 people, among them journalists.

The earthquake in Turkey had its sad consequences, from which partially damaged the house 8321 and 6017 residential buildings have come into complete disrepair.According to the data, without housing remained almost 60,000 thousand. People.Suitable for living, but rather become damaged 5215 buildings.The most serious outcome considered, of course, casualties (killed 601 people, injured 4152, from the rubble were removed alive 188 people).Turkish news channel reported that during the earthquake was partially destroyed the province of Van prison, from which 150 prisoners escaped, later in her own back 50 prisoners.

Feeling an urgent need for assistance, the authorities appealed to Israel immediately after the earthquake occurred in Turkey.About an hour later the Red Crescent sent tents to the disaster zone, heaters, means of first aid, blankets.It was subsequently granted temporary asylum to victims in need of shelter, food is organized.In total, were assisted in these days 40,000 people.

National Red Cross provided assistance to many countries and raised funds for the victims of the disaster.Despite the actions taken, humanitarian aid does not always reach the victims.Local residents were outraged and condemned the attitude of the Turkish authorities to the accident, as reported by the Turkish news channel.

With regard to popular resorts on the Mediterranean, the earthquake in Turkey in 2011 did not result in casualties, although the victims were.