Trident Ukraine: an ancient symbol in the service of the State

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images of the character in Ukraine can be found everywhere.Starting with the fact that the main trident Ukraine - a small coat of arms approved by the legislative and constitutional Verkhovna Rada (1992).He, along with the anthem and the flag is a symbol of the state and consists of English blue shield with golden border and golden symbol.Big coat of arms also includes Ukrainian trident, but his image has not yet been finally approved.It exists so far only as a draft.


Ukrainian trident symbol itself - one of the oldest known to mankind.It is believed that this - the attribute of power and authority.In ancient times it symbolized the mighty Poseidon.It is with a trident we heard many well-known image of the deity.In India - the weapon of Shiva, multi-armed god.Shiva is often depicted with these arms.In the Buddhist tradition - an attribute of supreme power.

In the culture of ancient Slavs - a sign, symbolizing the trinity of the World: Yav, Nav, right.And in the era of Kievan Rus - the emblem of Prince Vladimir, who is considered one of the greatest rulers in the world, the founder of the Orthodox Russia.Then it becomes a symbol and sign of the state.It could be seen everywhere on coins and stamps.

Different versions

most probable theories of the origin of the trident - the image of a hawk falling on his prey.It was also a sign of the family of Rurik, which means independence, freedom, power.

Other researchers see it as a schematic representation of an anchor, a former symbol of the people living near the Black and Azov Seas.Subject Rurik is the most important.Confirmation of this - archaeological finds: the image of the first times of Rurik, where we see the same falcon.These characters are visible and some British coins of the era (10th century).Another version - the origin of the Khazar dvuzubtsa.For example, the printing of Svyatoslav, who died in 972. It was also depicted dvuzubets.

What does the Ukrainian trident?

In the formation of Ukrainian People's Republic (1917) the issue of the flag and its colors was resolved relatively quickly.But with the arms deal has stalled.It offers several options.Yellow lion on a blue background.The Lion and the Archangel Michael.Cossack with a musket.Golden eagle, and other options.Grushevskii, chairman of the Council, noting that the country has not had a permanent emblem, a trident identified Ukraine as the main project.And since late 1917, when it was approved by a sample of the first banknote, it prints were a symbol.Trident Ukraine in 1918 and was located on the naval flag (at the top).In the same year a decision on the adoption of the emblem Ukrainian People's Republic, which is also the central place occupied by this symbol.He set as a central part of the state seal of the UPR.

In 1918, Ukrainian state emblem contained the image of a trident at the top of the Cossack with a musket.

By the way, in Soviet Ukraine stopped using this symbol, and it revived only after gaining independence in 1992.

modern interpretation of the character

Modern Ukrainian trident - an essential symbol of independence and statehood.It is also a symbol of the fighting spirit of the Ukrainians in the fight against all kinds of invaders for centuries.We should not forget that Ukraine at all times (almost to the last century) was under the yoke of the various states.And only in recent decades it has found, at last, genuine sovereignty.

Christian interpretation of the character

With the emergence and spread of Christianity trident becoming more religious significance and is associated with a symbol of the Holy Trinity, representing the unity of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost.This interpretation is most acute among Orthodox Christians and Catholics who live in the territory of Ukraine.For science it is questionable in this position.And the meaning invested in the ancient symbol of the original - borrowed.That does not detract from the merits of the Orthodox and Catholic faith.

encrypted word

During the formation of Ukraine as an independent state played an important role giving the existing symbols of a new, mystical meaning.It happened with a trident in Ukraine.Some have come to believe that in the very symbol of the encrypted word "Will" - that is, the freedom (in Ukrainian).This interpretation has helped to understand themselves involved in a particular nation-wide and national idea of ​​the struggle for a bright future of the Ukrainian people.

Whatever it was, the trident was and still is a magical character, one of the oldest, kind of talisman against evil forces for its carrier, a kind of guard amulet designed to protect human, society and country as a whole from attacks on their freedom and independence.