Some recommendations on how to buy shares of a private individual

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Today, just anxious to get rich as quickly as possible, because the conditions of wild capitalism survive a man without money is very, very difficult.Even an ordinary office clerk or the owner of a small business often faces financial difficulties, not to mention those who do not have permanent source of income.

Properly Invest and get rich

Currently, one of the most advanced ideas of the accumulation of capital is a competent investment.In this respect, the stock market is of particular value.

This acquisition of securities may eventually bring a good profit, as the action - it is an effective financial tool.In European countries, it has long been successfully used.In our country, only this line of business is developing.In any case, many Russians are interested in the question of how an individual to buy shares.It should be noted that there are several options to purchase securities, and each of them has its own specifics.

So, let's move on to the practical side of the issue of how private person to buy shares.

mutual funds

Buying securities through mutual funds - is the best way to enrich for those who do not understand that the laws of the stock market and do not have time to analyze the news, study the strategy of behavior of issuers and audit financial reports of companies.

most important thing - it is well-selected PIF.This method of capital accumulation is good that it is possible to become the owner of a well-diversified portfolio of shares.

If the situation will develop successfully, it is possible to enrich a very large sum of money.

broker in the stock market

As a private person to buy stocks yet?Everything is very simple.We need to find an experienced broker.This option is the accumulation of capital will be very helpful for those who prefer to manage their investments in its sole discretion.Once again, it should be noted that it is necessary to choose a brokerage company with an impeccable business reputation.How to buy an individual stock on the stock exchange?Before you do this, you have to do some work: to examine the independent broker rating, read reviews and learn the customer's financial statements.

This method of making a profit is attractive because there is a possibility to trade at any time, to diversify the portfolio, promptly dispose of assets to get the money immediately.The downside here is the presence of a psychological factor when you want to trade in any market environment conditions.

should be understood that the commission of a huge number of disorderly transactions may result in huge losses.

Securities purchased directly from the issuer

there still answer the question: "How a private person to buy stocks?" Of course, yes.If you are planning a long term investment, then buy securities directly from the company that issued them.Under this option, speculative trading is excluded.Naturally, we need to refrain from trading if the market is reeling from vibrations.You need to understand that their profits can be obtained only after a certain amount of time.

The disadvantages of this option include the difficulty of investment portfolio diversification and inability to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

shares of "Gazprom" and "Sberbank"

Today, many are interested in the question of how to buy shares of a private person, "Gazprom", as they are almost always in the price.

This can be done on the stock exchange.Again you need to find an experienced brokerage company.

potential investors are now looking for the answer to the question "How to buy shares of a private person" Savings "?" The scheme is the same.As a supplement, you can offer to purchase securities directly from the issuer.

Anyway, every investment instrument has its pros and cons, so his choice is up to you.


It so happened that in our country is dominated by stereotypes that are based on the fact that all financial disasters that have occurred over the past two decades, it appeared the shares, so sell them - it is very, very risky business.

In fact, there is no reason to think so.Some mistaken in thinking that investing in stocks is necessary special knowledge or extensive start-up capital.You can start to invest a minimum amount, such as only 1000 rubles.The most important thing - it is to take into account the rules of diversification and invest on a regular basis.Purchase securities, and over time they can bring a very solid dividends.