Tomatoes are very popular all around the world.The product helps to cope with various diseases.It serves as an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, thrombosis and kidney disease.Tomatoes are also perfectly clean blood vessels.They allow you to stay young and have excellent health at any age.In addition, the tomatoes can be a great tool for those who decided to lose weight.

Tomatoes against extra kilos

The ripe tomato contains a special substance lycopene.It helps to speed up the process of splitting fat tissue.In addition, lycopene is also great fights free radicals.Therefore tomatoes not only make the figure more slender, but also contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin.Tomatoes are also controlled by the level of cholesterol in the body balances the acid-base balance.

Lycopene is the red pigment in tomatoes.Therefore it is necessary to choose only ripe tomatoes.Calorie per 100 grams of the product is about 23 kcal.It's enough to make the body was charged with energy.Tomatoes should be sure to include a variety of diets.Especially useful to combine them with low-fat meat and fish.Tomatoes contribute to a better absorption of protein.

Energy value

tomatoes Tomatoes are useful for both adults and children.This product can be added to lure the child after they reach the age of seven months.And all because the product has a huge amount of vitamins and minerals and not too caloric.Tomatoes help develop children's baby digestion and energy charge.

Many today wonder how many calories in a single tomato.Definitely the question difficult to answer.For some varieties of products have different shape and structure.On average, 100 grams of the product has an energy value of 23 kcal.Calories of tomato will depend on its size.

Who should abandon the use of tomatoes?

Despite the huge benefits of the product, some of it still has to completely exclude from your diet.Tomatoes can harm those who suffer from allergies.

composition and caloric content of tomatoes determine their properties.It is not advisable to use the product for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Especially great harm can cause ulcers and tomatoes at gastritis.

There is also speculation that tomatoes contain a substance that contributes to the emergence of nicotine addiction.This is another argument against smoking.

Tomato juice for weight loss

those who want to quickly get rid of excess weight, not necessarily to use fresh tomatoes.Calories per 100 grams less than 23 kcal also has a tomato juice.One cup of cold drink will get rid of hunger and charge a good mood.Especially useful is the tomato juice with pulp.

Today in grocery stores offer tomato juice from different manufacturers.But really beneficial properties will have a product made in the home.Especially in home cooking juice is no big deal.

How to choose tomatoes?

favor will render only high-quality tomatoes.For the preparation of delicious meals also need good tomatoes.Therefore, everyone should know how to choose the right product.If you do purchase in the market to focus first and foremost must be the smell.Ripe tomatoes, composition, calories and vitamins which can provide the benefit of man, be sure to have a pleasant aroma.But if the vegetable is still disrupted in a green and gave it to ripen off the beds, it will have virtually no odor.

Acquire is a beautiful and fresh tomatoes.Do not take vegetables that are damaged.They can accumulate dirt and bacteria.But the warm season is the ideal time to breed harmful microorganisms.

Size also matters.Many people wonder what the calorie tomatoes that are larger than a diameter of 8 cm. Most likely, the energy value of the product will be low.After all, most often there are vegetables that are grown using a variety of chemical additives.Such tomatoes will not differ rich taste and useful properties.Exceptions are pink tomatoes.They can grow really impressive size.

Can I have green tomatoes?

Green tomatoes - is unripe fruit.It is believed that they are far less useful features, rather than the juicy red tomatoes.Calorie per 100 grams of the product does not exceed 20 kcal.Ripe fruits are more calories.Furthermore, in green fruit it has a substance that damages to human health.This is solanine.It violates the stomach and nervous system.

Solanine easily destroyed in an acid medium.So often pickled green tomatoes and salt.Thus, a useful product, which is characterized by an original taste.Fresh green tomatoes, calories per 100 grams which is very small, do not allow to satisfy hunger, but also possess the featureless taste.But properly cooked tomatoes may well be included in the holiday menu.

huge popularity of baked and stuffed with green tomatoes.To prepare the original dish, you should carefully follow the tomatoes in the garden.Fruits can ripen very quickly.And for some of the dishes need only the green fruit.