Can I wash my hair before the exam - signs and superstitions

session - is a special time, requiring pupils and students the maximum concentration and full-time commitment.After all, whether Sat or offset on a particular subject may depend a lot in the future.

for pupils successfully passed examinations - a pass rate in higher education, for students - a long-awaited opportunity to receive a diploma and the realization of their desires in search of a good professional work.In any case, exam preparation takes a lot of energy and effort from students.

Signs and superstition

Many people have faith in various omens and superstitions.So students do not remain aloof from these traditions - irrespective of the acquired material, the level of training, they are faced with a difficult challenge often wonder what to do before the exam to pass it for sure?

impressionable and suggestible people are particularly prone to believe the various omens and superstitions, heard from a neighbor at the desk, at the entrance to the grandmothers, friends, neighbors on the landing.Most often, students who wish to take the exam on the fine, lay in shoes five-ruble coin - it is believed that this method will bring good luck.But it is equally prevalent superstition shampooing before delivery.So whether you can wash your hair before an exam?Let's try to understand.

Why can not wash your hair?

course material studied, cribs are written, the last days are given to repeat the examination tickets.It seems that everything is ready for the high score, but once heard a belief that if you can wash your hair before an exam, still can not give peace.Where did this sign?There are several possible explanations to this effect:

  • believed that the knowledge gained during training and during training, during shampooing washed away with water and shampoo.Therefore, it is one of the main rules of a superstitious person, that can not be done before the exam flatly.
  • Another opinion on this matter from the perspective of psychologists.The student before such an important test is very tense, and if he has the least share the belief that any requests before the exam bring him 100% of the results, it is better to listen to their feelings.Thus, as it is the programming itself on a subconscious level to achieve this goal by following the alleged superstition.

  • From the untrained students who do not know what to do even before the exam this to get at least some evaluation, so you might think that sloppy, unkempt greasy hair to cause pity the teacher.He sees before him a tortured person, not sleeping at night, prepare for the exam, who came to surrender on its last legs, unable to find the strength to even wash.So as not to put such a workaholic at least a minimum score?But not everything is as smooth as it might seem: greasy head few who cause something else other than disgust, except to mate her with a handkerchief, explaining that their religious outlook on life.
  • And another view on this matter.It is believed that before the exam to do any manipulation of the appearance is not worth.Ostensibly it switches attention to the need to look beautiful from the main at this point - from the exam.

particularly impressionable

If you are stuck on this belief and the question of whether it is possible to wash my hair before the exam, does not give you peace of mind, it is better not to touch.Since this is the only thing you can think of on the eve of such an important event and during it, and this will increase anxiety and affect the result of the exam.

If you look fear in the eyes of the teacher stale stronger than any beliefs, then it is better to wash the head.It is important to understand that no sign has no scientific basis, and everything in this life depends on your mind, not the freshness of your head.

Wishes students

Whatever decision you took for yourself or that can not be done before the exam, and that certainly need to bring to life, the main thing in the exam - a thorough preparation.Here are some tips:

  • studying on throughout the school year, then you will know the subject very well.Learn anything for a couple of days before the examination is almost impossible, regardless of the purity of your head.
  • Work out with tutors.If knowledge does not climb into his head during lessons and lectures, individual teacher will be able to assist you in mastering the material covered.

poorly prepared students

Do not wash your hair, perhaps this method will really help you to cope successfully with the exam fees.

But there is not only superstitious way of exams, but more mundane, though not quite honest: write cribs.Even if you can not or do not want to use them during the exam, have no points from a material gain a foothold in the head.

In conclusion

Whatever you do on the eve of the exam, how would you answer for themselves choose to question whether you can wash your hair before the exam, do not forget that the result depends entirely on the date on your level of knowledge and training.

If there are moments in which you are sure, whether superstition or scientific fact, stick to his course, as a result of your work depends on your inner peace, self-belief and various kinds of beliefs.

fun and excellent marks!