Indemnification by insurance.

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Dear readers, let's see how the law to defend their rights and to enforce such services as compensation for insurance in case of an accident?

In general, the insurance company is not particularly fond of the insurer to part with money, that is, in this case, the culprit of the accident.So what you need to know to get that under the law the victim, namely compensation for the insurance?

So, if you happen to such trouble as an accident, you must:

• On the day of the accident is required to fill out an accident notification.It is better to make out, then not meet again with the other party to the accident.

• Be sure to inform the other party's data on the insurance company, policy number and phone number.

• Explore similar data from the second participant.

• Even if the culprit is not installed, you still need to inform the insurance company of their own and the other party about the incident and the presence of the victims.

• When the perpetrator is installed, it is necessary to transfer to the insurer notice of accidents and attach to it a certificate from the traffic police, but to make it better through the mail.It is in this case, the hands will be sending a document confirming.

list of documents that need to get in this situation:

• original certificate form 12 with a stamp GAI;

• 31 original form, and with the press;

• instead of the above two certificates to get one combined;

• copy of the minutes, in case if one has been made (of course, with the press);

• copy of the resolution, if it is handed down (be sure to seal).

If the insurance company asking, or even require you to provide any further help in addition to those prescribed above, then you can safely refuse to comply with this request.This is all done only to delay the process, implying the payment of damages.The above list of required documents listed in the Resolution of the Russian Government, and while no change in him.

order to obtain compensation for the insurance, you must choose the right peer group.Of course, the insurance company itself is simply obliged to provide you with a company for the examination, and it should be independent.But the law does not decree that would prohibit you choose the option that suits you better.

So, what steps should be directly in the inspection of the damaged vehicle:

• On inspection of cars must be presented in a pure form.Of course, the best would be, if it is carried out in the service station, and the mechanics may be present.If as a result of the accident any removable parts are damaged, they must submit to the investigation.Immediately prior to inspection must show a certificate of the damage, the documents for the car and, if necessary, other documents of the owner.

• Be sure to read the final act before they put their signature, and if something is not clear, ask for clarification

• If the expert was invited by the insurer, the mandatory demand for a copy of the inspection.

When the calculated damage, the average prices are taken with respect to the amount of market prices.They include the cost of spare parts and repair themselves, and materials.That's just the price of spare parts is usually underestimated.This occurs as a result of the correction for wear.It turns out that the amount of the payment in reality comes less than that required for the repair.

Naturally, when the result of the examination is received, you should carefully review all the calculations.And if suddenly something does not suit them, then you are entitled to go to another company.But if the examination is carried out firm, said the insurer, in this case, how much will be compensation for the insurance, you will find only at the time of receipt of funds.Those are the rules.

So indemnity insurance includes the following: the actual cost + any other expenses forced + payment of the examination.This amount the insurer must be listed in a period of 15 working days.