Bovanenkovo ​​field.

Yamal is strategic for OAO "Gazprom" and Russia as a whole region where concentrated the richest oil and gas deposits.When the Soviet Union on the peninsula is mainly carried out exploration area, the active production of hydrocarbons is not conducted.That changed in 2006, when the strategic decision was made on the development of Yamal's underground riches.

Brief description

26 fields discovered by Russian geologists in the largest peninsula of Russia, pose immeasurable reserves of valuable natural resources.Recoverable oil reserves is estimated to represent more than 291 million tons, gas - 10.4 trillion m3 of gas condensate - more than 250 million tons.Priority will be developed Bovanenkovo ​​field (along with Kharasaveyskoye).It contains half of the Yamal gas (5.8 trillion m3) and 100 million tons of gas condensate.

Bovanenkovskoye NGKM

For stocks volatile hydrocarbon oil and gas field Bovanenkovo ​​is the third (4.9 trillion m3) on the importance of the Russian Federation and the fifth in the world.Officially, the gas production started 23.10.2012.

For 2013th year gasman learned with the help of 60 wells 22.8 billion m3 of gas, and the erected installation of complex preparation has a much greater capacity - up to 30 billion m3.This allows you to continue to increase production, build new wells.Overall, the project envisages the provision of the production level 115 billion m3.Gas transportation system carried Bovanenkovo ​​- Ukhta with further carrying out to the city of Torzhok.

project operator

Yamal Peninsula on the map appears as a small object on the vast expanses of Russia, but the economic importance of the region's extremely important.Not surprisingly, to the development of natural resources of the peninsula involved the largest company in the country - "Gazprom".

customer to implement the investment project "Construction of the Cenomanian-Aptian deposits of the Bovanenkovo ​​gas condensate field" and later by the operator of gas production facilities is determined society "Gazprom dobycha Nadym" (PAU).General Designer - JSC "VNIPI-Gasproduction" - in December 2007, developed and made available to the final draft of the PAU.

Yamal, Bovanenkovo ​​field

the whole process of the project is successful, our plans come to life after the approval of the draft decision of the OJSC "Gazprom".The project envisages construction of three complex gas preparation plants (GPP).Operating well stock has 775 units, grouped in 56 hives.Maximum gas production will amount to 115 billion m3 per year, with a period of continuous production for 10 years.Over the entire lifecycle of the Bovanenkovo ​​field is expected to produce 2.657 trillion m3 of gas.

gas gathering on gas well clusters to install CNG carried by pipeline with a diameter 426 and 530 mm total length of 391.5 km.To prevent hydrate reservoirs are laid parallel to the gas gathering metanoloprovody.


Since 2006, construction contractors actively developed before you men of the Yamal Peninsula.On the map of Yamal-Nenets AO, new residential settlements.In the area of ​​the Bovanenkovo ​​field is being actively constructed primary objects of life, social and transport infrastructure, are intended to ensure the timely construction of the production, preparation Bovanenkovo ​​gas condensate field and the smooth operation of the deposit for the entire period of operation.

Only in 2007 was put into operation 36 objects, including the list of especially significant included:

  • fire stations;
  • water treatment, sewage facilities;
  • rotational residential complex;
  • base of department of working supply.

Industrial objects

In accordance with the approved investment program of OAO "Gazprom" in 2008 were introduced 29 objects priority construction, shift complex power plant's own needs, the power line 110 kV, as well as transport infrastructure of the village Kharasavey.

Commissioning gas rescue station base Workover Rig allowed to bring to the Bovanenkovo ​​gas condensate field service companies involved in the construction and reconstruction of previously drilled wells.

In 2009-2010 Bovanenkovo ​​field has acquired new properties.Much attention was paid to the construction of systems that are directly related to gas production, preparation for transportation of hydrocarbons.Currently being actively drilling wells, construction of facilities GPP.

Innovative activity

Since the beginning of the development of the Yamal Peninsula, in particular in the process of active construction of facilities at the Bovanenkovo ​​field, revealed many difficulties in the construction and operation of facilities.I had to work in the icy conditions of distribution, dispersed, permafrost.The unprecedented complexity permafrost conditions, distance from the construction industry enterprises and rudimentary transport infrastructure is put in front of all the services need to improve approaches to the design, construction and operation of the complex.It was necessary to provide the technological, economic and environmental attractiveness of the project.

Bovanenkovo ​​gas field has been exemplary in terms of solving the problems of development of Yamal.The comprehensive program includes the Innovation Policy:

  • use of building technologies that improve the reliability of gas field objects in conditions of permafrost;
  • improving the efficiency of development of deposits;
  • ensure safe exploitation;
  • use of energy-saving technologies;
  • environment;
  • disseminate positive experiences in promising fields.


in first place in a number of new technologies can be put construction of facilities using vapor-liquid systems, thermal stabilization of permafrost, working with natural cooling.In difficult conditions, permafrost of the Yamal Peninsula, this technology allows the design temperature conditions are frozen foundation soils and prevents the development of abnormally dangerous deformations of buildings and structures.

The use of this technology in estuarine areas and wells Bovanenkovo ​​field allows you to prevent thawing of icy rocks under the influence of the produced fluid.Thermal stabilization of icy permafrost zones wellhead gas wells in conjunction with the elevator insulated pipes enables to provide stability support of wells in the range of occurrence of permafrost foundations wellhead piping, studs and chrysanthemums embankments.

Bovanenkovo ​​field became a testing ground for the technology of the XXI century.Methods for construction of buildings on the natural basis using the vapor-liquid thermal stabilization systems provide the following benefits:

  • decrease of metal and cost bases to 50% in the construction of buildings with floors on the ground without a ventilated cellars;
  • two to threefold reduction in construction;
  • to ensure controlled thermal conditions of frozen ground bases and therefore their reliability.

Screw anchor piles

Another, no less important technology is to build the foundations of the screw anchor piles.Metallic smooth foundation pipe, commonly used in the construction of Western Siberia, are imperfect.They have a low bearing capacity, low resistance in the frozen rocks, material consumption, and other shortcomings.The use of screw anchor piles provides the following benefits:

  • increasing resistance to tangential forces of frost heaving;
  • reduction of the material foundations and construction terms;
  • 2-3-fold increase in load-bearing qualities of piles with decreasing immersion depth of 6 meters;
  • durable foundations in difficult ground conditions;
  • lack of "wet" processes (immediately after installation pile ready to transfer the load of the project);
  • use unified way piling on problem (in relation to permafrost) construction sites.

Bovanenkovo ​​field on the map

Until recently Bovanenkovo ​​field were listed only on geological maps as a promising object gas and oil production in the long term.Open in 1971, the Soviet geologist Vadim Bovanenko, it has not been developed, as efforts were focused on larger (Yamburg and Urengoy) deposits.

Located Bovanenkovo ​​field on the Yamal Peninsula in the west.Pool is entirely on land, which facilitates its development.The western boundary of the site is located forty kilometers from the Gulf of Sharapov Shar (Kara Sea), East - closer to the center of the peninsula.In the area of ​​gas production rivers naduy-Yaha, Se-Yakha and muzzle-Yaha, which imposes stringent requirements on the environmental component of the project.