Insurance risk

Insurance risk - it was an accident, because of which the policyholder loses incur expenses for a particular object (it is specified in the insurance contract).The loss can be expressed in varying degrees of severity.And if this accident falls into the category of insurance claims, the company (insurer) is obliged to reimburse to you all.On this basis, it is clear that the insurance risk is calculated on the basis of the possibility of its occurrence.

insurance contract is not conditional, even if the insurance risk would never come.But how to understand that it occurred?The test for determining the insurance risk - the probability and randomness of its occurrence.

For convenience, a classification of certain aspects, considering that you will understand if you can treat the incident as such a risk:

  • is assumed that none of the parties, whether the insurer or the subject of insurance, do not know the exact occurrenceRisk and its size.

  • to determine the insurance premium necessary to look at the statistics, summarizing and comparing homogenous events you are interested in the plan.

  • no circumstances should the insurance risk is not to be assumed, that is,figment of your imagination.

  • Events wearing a massive scale, such as natural disasters, are not considered at all.

  • Ability to assess the damage.

classification of insurance risks can be very diverse:

- sources of danger:

  • ┬źnatural┬╗ insurance risks, iethose associated with any element of earthquakes or floods (including the risks of man-made disasters such as explosions, fires, etc.);

  • related to violation of the law (burglary, theft, etc.);

  • long-term life insurance and pensions.

- in terms of responsibility:

  • individual, are specific to certain types of property that are unique (antiques);

  • universal, which implies a standard amount of liability of the insurer.

- assessment events:

  • permissible;

  • critical;

  • catastrophic.

There are a number of approaches in order to classify them, but for the most part, there are certain types of insurance risks:

  • civil liability.This risk occurs if you are working, for example, in hazardous work.Companies are well able to insure to employees or partners or other persons your civil liability;

  • those that are inextricably linked to transportation.They are to insure the cargo or movable structure;

  • risks associated with the environment;

  • special risks.Apply to exclusive items that have no analogues in the world.Often applied to jewelry, works of art, the legendary musical instruments and other;

  • general technical risks.Sudden emergencies or failures in the operation of technical equipment which endanger the health of its consequences, either directly, even the lives of people;

  • investment risks.It relates primarily to the economically active population that is constantly playing on the stock exchange.This insurance risk is connected with the proposed or expected shortfall of income, and in some cases, a complete removal of financial investments in the financing of projects.This group is divided into subgroups of risk:





In conclusion, I would like to say that the above insurance risks - is a kind of platform from which to push off in determining their individual situation.All risks are somehow necessarily linked, so we need to look well, to what direction is it your case.On this depends the possibility of payment of the sum insured and, of course, its exact size.