Barabashka from a parallel dimension

This story was told to a woman who knows what Barabashka exists not only in fairy tales, but in real life parallel dimension.Of course, we do not see another world, but its inhabitants probably watching us because of the dense curtains and cats only able to communicate with its citizens.

watch them, and you will see how your Murka catching up "invisible" and staring at him ...

first Tanya realized that they live in the apartment Barabashka in 1990, when her daughter was born.On the day she was in the kitchen washing dishes.Wheelchair with a 2-month old baby stood in the kitchen.Young mother 'agukala "to her daughter, when she calmed down.When Tanya looked back, she saw a strange sight, and even scared, because she was in the apartment alone with the child.Baby cute smile "emptiness" and drove eyes of invisible movements.A few seconds Tatiana stood in a daze, and fear, and then took Julia in his arms and walked quickly out of the kitchen.

Six months later, the little house that decided to appear on the eye.Early in the morning, after seeing her husband's work, she lay down to take a nap.The bed stood in the corner by the window, and since the battery is prevented to put it close to the wall, then in the space with the daughter constantly throwing toys.To fix this, the husband to put a stool.And Tanya is on the edge of the bed, and says that she needs to do for the day.Suddenly she sees the corner of his eye, standing on a stool, "cartoon" peasant, fear and surprise pressed against the wall.

He stood on the "beck and call to attention" and was afraid of being noticed.Revenue growth to a maximum of 80 cm. The dark coat, hat with a brim and scarf wrapped around the neck, really reminds women of the Soviet cartoon character.But fear was mutual, and after a few seconds she was horrified grabbed his pillow and lay down on the opposite side of the bed: "Barabashka!" - She thought.At this time in the attic in the closet there was a knock confirmation.

time passed, during which more than once she heard strange sounds, and even one of her 3-year-old daughter, said she saw the room "little uncle."So it took another year and a half, during which time she had to divorce her husband and move to a safe place.Of course, we can say that in the new apartment was a small house, but she somehow thought it was an old friend.Maybe he did not like to be alone and as soon as they entered the apartment, sounded "a welcome knock" in the back wall of cabinets under the TV.Perhaps he's always lived, as from time to time with my daughter, they heard the sounds.Once the cat went to the bedside table, he hissed and jumped up in fear.

houses, probably thought that he was alone and once this creature decided to attract more attention than usual.Tanya and her daughter were in another room, when he heard from the living room heard strange sounds.They came in and were stunned - the coffee table just dancing in one place.Well what can I say, a little house makes itself felt!

took another 3 years and Tanya Julia bought an apartment.Efforts began with the move and an elderly woman with whom Tanya was friends all these years and was aware of her communication with homes advised "invited" him to the new apartment.She said to Tanya took the jar, put a slice of bread in it and said, "Brownie, house!Come with me to look for another place to live! "So she did, but moved to a new location, had forgotten to open the jar in the apartment and not" released "him free.

So Barabashka sat in his "prison" for about a month and perhaps for him there was uncomfortably close to the missing bread.Once in a dream Tanya felt that her breast was someone sitting.She tried to move but could not.Woman lying with closed eyes and knew that in a few minutes just say goodbye to the life!And as soon as her mind raced: "Small house!" She immediately opened her eyes.

Perhaps he was offended and went, as more of their worlds will never touch.Tanya Julia often remembered SHALUNISHKA and sorry that it happened then.

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