Maria Pogrebnyak before and after plastic - two different people

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Football - one of the most popular sports.His love not only men, but women, especially - footballers' wives.One of the famous and popular athlete, playing football is Pavel Pogrebnyak.He is married to a very beautiful woman, Mary, which also has its fans and admirers.

Maria Pogrebnyak before and after plastic

many men and women interested in this woman.Fans and admirers wonder how Mary looked Pogrebnyak before and after plastic.But before you know it, you must remember to what the same operation and when the woman decided.

all remember that a few years ago, it became very fashionable to do a variety of plastic surgery and to radically change their appearance.Many women began to experiment on himself: to alter the shape of the nose, tighten the skin on the face, lips and so increase. D. Maria Pogrebnyak was no exception, and also decided to change his appearance.A young girl on the lips pumped Biogel More than 10 years ago.

fans interested as before looked Maria.Pogrebnyak "before and after plastic ', as friends of Paul and his wife are two different people.Previously, she was a bit full, but it did not prevent her to be cute and attractive.After Maria plastics has changed dramatically.Her lips became gigantic, and a beauty that was earlier passed away.

Pogrebnyak itself was divided, that all 11 years with enlarged lips were for her torture.The woman said that all those who spoke to her, always looked only at the lips, and this naturally caused her discomfort.Maria realized that the mother of three children do not go to such voluminous lips and decided on surgery to reduce them.

lip reduction surgery

lately among celebrities lip reduction surgery has become quite popular.Many of the stars in their youth would be transformed, changed beyond recognition, but now most of them suffer from their "new" appearance.

Maria Pogrebnyak 11 years suffered from the fact that the youth has increased his lips.When she got married and gave birth to three children, she realized that from the labia majora to be soon rid of.Pogrebnyak once again fell under the surgeon's knife.

Maria Pogrebnyak after reducing lips

«Maria Pogrebnyak before and after plastic - it is 2 different people", - said fans of all women who saw her photo on the network after reducing the lips.She shared that most of her friends and relatives were happy for Mary, and said that it reduced the lips are not in vain.Everything is told that Pogrebnyak without big lips - beautiful!

itself Maria shared her joy after her lips reduced.The woman says that the 45 years she would never lie under the surgeon's knife."The beauty that nature provides, you need to appreciate and cherish.It is a pity that I did not realize that 11 years ago "- said Pogrebnyak.

physicians warn that a biopolymer is used as a filler mouth is extremely dangerous.Because it grows fibrous tissue, which is a kind of a seal lips.As a result, the person becomes hard to talk and eat food.

Impressions of Mary and her fans after surgery

Maria Pogrebnyak before and after plastic - two different women.The woman is very happy that there is a procedure that has helped it become the same.Pogrebnyak recently published in social networks your photos in 18 years.Many noticed that her lips to the plastic Mary were lush and attractive, so its fans are wondering why the woman decided to take action.

Friends, relatives and admirers Pogrebnyak claimed that the woman very well with natural lips and now it looks much more attractive.Many even began to ask the number of stars the doctor who did the operation to her, as virtually all delighted with his excellent work.

known not only because of its beauty, but also the courage to Maria Pogrebnyak.Before and after plastic she remained attractive and fearless woman.In 2011, she became famous because of the fact that I was able to defend your home from burglars.In the night she heard the noise and was not afraid to test, what's the matter.Maria scared off the intruders, saved himself and his young son home.

Maria Pogrebnyak before and after plastic.Photo

Many wonder how Mary looked up how to make plastic.After the operation, the woman has changed beyond recognition.Maria Pogrebnyak before and after surgery is a simply two different people!

Maria Pogrebnyak in adolescence increased the lips, what then greatly regretted.Women do not like how it looked with big lips, so she decided to do the surgery and regain their natural shape.The woman claims that it is necessary to appreciate the natural beauty and store.It encourages young girls not to make costly mistakes, not to change your appearance and take pride in its natural beauty.