How to delay the arrival of menstruation and is it possible?

date of the onset of menstruation can determine about any woman with an established cycle.However, there is also such that the critical days may delay or, on the contrary, come before the due date.Let's imagine that you have planned a vacation and have already bought a ticket, but not calculated in advance, and it turned out that among the rest you start menstruating.Most likely, you are not much satisfied.How to delay the arrival of menstruation and whether it is possible, we will look at in this article.

How harmful interfere with the body?

calling or delaying menstruation, you are increasing the possibility of problems in the reproductive system of your body.After all the preparations we need triggers changes affect hormones, and this in itself is not safe.If you are aware of the risk go, the less we'll show you how to delay the arrival of menstruation.

1 way - medical

Oral contraceptives - is one of the most effective ways to change the term of the onset of menstruation.An important condition for their use is a consultation with a gynecologist.Without visiting a doctor is better not to engage in independent action, otherwise you are guaranteed a bunch of different health problems.How to delay the coming month with the help of progestins (for the treatment of endometriosis)?Take your medicine should be two weeks before the onset of menstruation.It will help move the estimated date for a few days.Using the above methods should be only after a conversation with the doctor and under his supervision.Ladies having pathology and diseases of the endocrine system, it is better to refrain from the use of such funds.

Method 2 - People (the effectiveness of this method has not been proven)

learning about the dangers of medications, many women start to think about how to delay the arrival of the monthly folk remedies?Before we talk about this in more detail, I would like to say that even such "medicine" capable of causing injury.In addition, it not exactly proved that the following methods are 100% will help you to realize our plans.Some of the female lucky, and it turned out to remove terms, and some did not go.In any case, you need to use them prudently.So, how to postpone for a week or a month for a few days, see below.

1. Eat two lemons 5 days before the expected date of the onset of menstruation.Must be careful to people having problems with the gastrointestinal tract, since excess acid would have on its negative impact to work.

2. If the month has already started, and they need to stop, use a decoction of nettles.He is able to stop the process already begun about 10-20 hours.To cook it you need to pour boiling water over one tablespoon of nettle leaves, let it brew and drink three times a day.Often use this broth is not necessary, since it contributes to blood clots.

Let's summarize.Can I delay period?Yes.Or with the help of traditional medicine, but no one can guarantee the success of this method or by medications, but under medical supervision.