Ur Mum arrived!

Hello dear, Hello Tanya.How is your health?Family, work, are you?Where is your?At work?At 11 o'clock in the morning?And this work is called?Faith, like last time, or otherwise?Dura not roar.Maybe he's like that joke lies in the morgue, and you think about the bad.Yeah, calling ?!Tell him that his mother arrived.Ask when back?I recognize in-law.

first question is "when the back?" Say, when a new car will buy and then go home to Mama.The last time I was out of his Zaporozhets barely got out.Sit down, I sat down, albeit with great difficulty.Let's go to the station.On the way, I'm just a couple of cakes eaten.We arrived, the train is already coming, and I can not get out of Constipation.One hand and one foot stuck, as did the rest! ... In-law running around, shouting: "Hold the train, I'll run for autogenous! .." The train is still gone, and I have two weeks stay for a while ...

Tanya, and whereMy granddaughters Borenka, Boryusik where Boryukan?Where is that idiot hanging around at night?At the disco?And this disco name?Even I know that on Mondays there is no discos.Look, and he marries this disco on the aerial.Or AIDS is still ... Okay, keep quiet.

Let's see what you have in your pots.The three-day soup - if warm, it is possible ... dogs.And that you feed your husband?Not surprisingly, he was at work late.You have it as a joke that happen to feed?My wife goes to work and tells the children: "What the cat does not eat up - do not throw away, dad will be dinner!" Tanya, Tanya, how many times have I told you - like Pavlov proved the professor, the difference between a husband and a male dog there.Basic instincts, and the first - eat!

Do not laugh, you listen to Mom!Here he runs the whole day, hungry and then remembers where his food bowl waiting there and run!And you with the grub it myself to work ... Let's Vera pushes potatoes, cabbage, borscht right now Nawara.Let today when he will come running to the bowl, it will be a holiday.You say you do not eat soup?And you cook it?Mamin eat borscht all this is followed Mom!So Now for you.What a view?Mike-alcoholic, look disgusting!And the pants?What kind of pants like that?Tights?This is where in 1812 the French from Moscow skedaddle?With no out and a hole behind the bayonets of the enemy!Oh, she was tired at work for komputerom!Oh, she wants to relax at home to relax and not think about the appearance!To us the farm come there and have a rest, and relax and kuryam their prodemonstriruesh tights.At home, you can not dissolve themselves, listen to Mom!Tanya, and that the hairstyle you?Crow's Nest is called?You got no one has yet wound up?She's hot, she picked up her hair, and walks like a scarecrow!Professor Pavlov said that after the second bowl instinct - reproduction.And with you in such a way to reproduce except visually impaired wants.So do not multiply, docha, unless someone otkserit you out of pity.And I understand your husband - the poor man comes home, but at home in a vest mop-alcoholic jack on the head, then who wants to return to work immediately run away!Come quickly go to the bathroom and bring myself up, call the door, son back! ..

No, it's a neighbor.HelloYes, I came to visit.And you call an ambulance?No?For the matches.I can not sleep, some hooligans at the window playing the guitar and you think that's our Borechka?You should not think Borik our sleep.For a long time.Lessons learned, taught and went to sleep.There is a growing boy, the university is preparing, after eight years to do already.Help yourself to tea.Vasya where?To Bob, and me - my dear son-in Vasily Petrovich.Works on the new car makes.Why is the Oka?On foreign cars.The family provides a wife-beautiful, my daughter loves to cuddle.

Well, how are you?How is your son, Lenin?Why Lenin?Yes, you have it as a revolutionary, all the prisons but the links ... Ah, tea choked?Home is time?Good night, do not forget us, look down! .. Crawled, the anaconda.Well, wait a minute, I will bring order in the entryway!

ringing.Hello zyatek my favorite, I get tired at work?Now Tanya Borschik to feed, prigolubit massage will make!You are here povorkuyte, and I went to bed, tired from the road.All, no Mom, Mom is asleep, preparing for tomorrow - doche brains right to raise her grandson, the neighbors put in place ... Oh-ho, what would you do without me !.

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