The basic rules of conduct and mode of pregnant women: part two

Continuing to acquaint you with the basic rules of conduct and way of life of the pregnant woman offers daily routine, diet and physical activity of the future mother, who advised to comply with the specialists.

After a restful sleep, getting up in the morning, preferably right away to make some easy exercises that will help to wake up.And they can do right in the bed without getting up and stretching, and setting in motion limbs.After sipping a pregnant woman have to take a shower, wash thoroughly breasts, armpits and groin, and then brush your teeth and change into clean clothes.

Since nutrition during pregnancy - one of the main and important factors of health of its course and preserve the mother's health, the meal should be carried out in the same hours.And most important for pregnant time for breakfast, and breakfast is best done immediately after lifting, and at least half an hour to avoid the typical morning hours of nausea and vomiting.Thus, breakfast for pregnant women is best done from 7:30 to 8:30 am (depending on what time she got out of bed).

After breakfast, in the event that a woman feel good, it could go to the grocery store or do homework.The apartment in which lives pregnant, should be kept clean, so simple duties expectant mother enters the room, daily dry cleaning (apartments) with wiping dust from furniture and ventilation of rooms.In addition, you need at least twice a week to make a thorough wet cleaning.

If the pregnancy is normal, and in the early stages of pregnancy, and up to the last months of the expectant mother is allowed to self-clean floors as with a brush and a vacuum cleaner or manually.Doctors believe that the torso during the harvest to the fetus of a pregnant useful because they allow to develop the muscles, as well as to circulate the blood in the pelvic area.

But those who are contraindicated even lighter load, in any case, do not try to perform feats of labor in spite of his condition.Generally, the expectant mother should be done only such cases which do not cause her feelings of fatigue, and at the slightest sign of such a vacation immediately.

addition to natural movements carried out by domestic affairs and domestic work, a pregnant woman is useful at least twice a day, in the morning (after getting up before breakfast) and afternoon (1 hour before meal or 2 hours after), perform additional gymnastic exercises, useful for the development of the unborn child.

Usually every antenatal clinic organized and carried out group physical exercises for pregnant women, as well as a special breathing exercises, but every woman has the right to learn how to perform the necessary exercises and carry out their own home, preferably in the presence of someone from relatives.It should be remembered that if in the first half of pregnancy, most of the exercises carried out in a standing position, then in the second half - mostly sitting or lying down.

need for oxygen during pregnancy increases by 25-30%, because of the full breath of the future mother of the fetus depends on the breath (in fact it air needed for normal lung development and growth of the whole body).And particularly active in the blood is saturated with oxygen while walking outdoors.

expectant mothers desirable in the open air is not less than 2-3 hours per day, it is not necessary to walk long enough to go out and walk a few times an hour.Walking during pregnancy is best done at certain times: morning from 10 to 11 hours, the evening - from 18 to 19 hours before going to bed - from 20 to 21 hours. In the last months of pregnancy, a woman for his own safety should walk accompanied by someoneof relatives.

In the cold season and in bad weather on walks pregnant is better to abstain, to avoid colds and other complications.But in the summer and early fall and late spring is extremely useful to stay pregnant outdoors countryside (at Forest Lawn, on the banks of a river or the sea, and so on. N.).

In this case, the condition for selection of destinations should be possible to ensure urgent delivery of the pregnant woman to the hospital (as in the later stages - in the maternity hospital).But a trip on a long distance in the last months of pregnancy is not desirable, as from shaking in transport, climate change and so on. N. Premature birth can begin.

addition to daily outdoor exercise, a pregnant woman can attend a variety of public places (shops, public parks), cultural facilities (cinema, theater, exhibitions, etc.), While continuing to fully relax, chat with friends, to lead an interesting life, topregnancy has not seemed to her dull and monotonous pastime.

Throughout the day, a pregnant woman can deal with any habitual for her household chores: ironing wash clothes, cook, clean up the cabinets and so on. D. Due to the large amount of free time, non-working women can do everything they want: peace insilence with a book, a magazine, watch TV, listen to your favorite music, chat with a friend, and so povyshivat. d.

No less significant role than breakfast, lunch, plays a pregnant woman.Lunch expectant mother should fall to 13-14 hours of the day (no later).The stereotypical view that lunch should be long and be accompanied by the adoption of abundant food (especially dinner pregnant women) - wrong.On the contrary, dinner should be light and as useful (nutritious) to after the expectant mother did not feel heaviness in the abdomen and was able to relax (sleep) day.During the meal, a pregnant need to control your appetite and not overeat.

After 2 hours in the afternoon (15.30-16 hours of the day) daily every expectant mother is reasonable to arrange a light lunch consisting of a cup of the beverage, plates of cheese or fruit.

18-19 hours in the evening dinner is necessary.Arrange dinner later in the evening 19 hours is not necessary, because the food has time to digest before bedtime, in order not to be forced to work at night and already stretched bodies (stomach, kidneys, bladder).

Throughout the pregnancy dinner women should be as complete and nutritious that it has not felt the sudden hunger at night and did not violate the healthy sleep a meal.But limit yourself as bad as overeating.For 1-2 hours before bedtime is recommended to take a pregnant woman or a cup of yogurt berry compote (to improve the work of the stomach).

Many pregnant women is usually an increased appetite.Nothing is forbidden that a woman during the day to eat the apple or pear (or a plate of berries), then drink a glass of drink (juice, fruit, yogurt, milk).But it should be borne in mind that this extra meal should be conducted no more than once every 2-3 hours, and it is important that it was not sausage sandwiches and muffins with tea.

In the second half of pregnancy appetite pregnant even more increased, so that in this period some mode changes.At breakfast, 8 am expectant mother should arrange lunch at 11-12 hours. At this time, light is allowed to eat milk porridge, cottage cheese with sour cream, drink a glass of milk and eat muffin with butter and cheese.This is followed by the usual dinner, after - lunch (15 hours) in 17 hours - the first (light) dinner, consisting of a glass of any drink, yogurt, pudding or fruit berry in the 19 hours of the evening - a full dinner and a traditional evening mealbefore bedtime.

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