Recommendations about how to understand what the man loves you

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In today's world everything is relative and formally.If earlier the man long sought her and then asked her to meet, the modern youth often omits such steps and immediately decided to be together.On the one hand, it is really convenient, since the pair instantly determined to be the connection between them or not.However, if the other side to see what kind of romance is lost in such a relationship.Despite this, the contemporary reality dictates completely different conditions for their development, and young people are willing to follow them.Because this rate, women often suffer from a lack of attention and romance.And sometimes it is not possible to immediately understand the feelings of the guy and decide on its role in your destiny.Increasingly, questions have been raised about how to understand what the man loves you and is willing to spend a lifetime with you.It's really a big problem, especially if the guy much you like and get it to recognize you are hesitant.I must say that you are acting correctly.

As you know, the words spoken against the will of man can never be sincere and truthful.That is why we constantly ask his beloved about his feelings for you can not.Such behavior on your part only alienate him, especially if he is not ready yet so open in front of you.In this case, you must wait.You are free to talk to him about his love, and in various ways surrounded by his attention, and can also hold back feelings.It is preferable to choose the second option, since, constantly harping on love, you put people in an awkward and unpleasant situation, but this is not recommended.Expect him to you first confessed his feelings, because only then can we talk about something serious and further plans.Now consider the options on how to understand what a man loves you, and do not pretend to be.

  1. He will never criticize your looks or figure, and even more so will not compare you with the past or with your own friends.Hints or open the phrase "as though your friend is engaged in fitness, a figure follows" should already be talking about that guy you absolutely do not need.In this case, advice on how to figure out whether you love a man, are superfluous and useless.
  2. In any dispute loving young man will accept your point of view.However, it is not necessary to use it and say absolutely any nonsense, because it is necessary to know the "golden mean."He might agree with you, because I just do not want to fan the conflict, and to swear, and not because of the recognition of his own stupidity.
  3. loving man would never talk to his girlfriend about his financial situation and certainly embarrass her purchases.He smash cake in the past and give the money, but ensure it going to the movies or a good restaurant.However, in this case, the woman should take care of most of that guy did not spend a fortune on it.After all, most important for you - no where, and with whom you are, so you can always replace the usual trip to the restaurant a stroll through the evening city.
  4. Another way of how to understand what the man loves you - pay attention to his choice.If for the sake of meeting with you, he refuses to co-evening gatherings with friends or going to the gym, you can be sure - he's the one who you want.Such a move could make only truly serious minded young man, because he puts his friends on the stage below their own beloved.And if it's nothing for you, for him - the whole achievement.
  5. Once your fingers start a little chill, he immediately tries to have something to hide - pulls out a blanket, takes off his jacket or just hugs.The young man understands that he must protect you from everything and trying to be a stone wall for you - and it's worth to appreciate!
  6. your problems - their problems.But not vice versa.A loving man can always listen and help his mother, but certainly will not complain about their own failures.If he tries to shift the solution of problems on your shoulders, or simply does not want to listen to your most likely this is not your type.
  7. Another fairly effective way of how to understand what a man loves you, it is the expectation of intimacy.Although in this case it depends on the situation.You can check the guy and, left alone with him, look at his actions, but do not often get up to such tricks.It's too much teasing your lover, then he becomes irritable, and this is bad.Again, remember the "golden mean" and that men need sex is much higher than that of women.
  8. very important step for a guy is dating a favorite with parents and friends.Last, we can say even more important.With parents can meet and just for the sake of formality, but to dedicate friends in their relationship, and the more lead girl in the company of the best - a serious matter that requires responsibility.
  9. He should never be late for your meetings, unless there is a serious reason.Latency is considered disrespectful, especially if the guy claims to further serious relationship.
  10. last tip on how to understand what the man loves you - his wish to have your children.Even behind was a marriage and a child, it would not be for him a great challenge.