The largest eyes in the world who's the boss?

Indeed, who owns the largest eyes in the world?Most will start to wonder: whale, sperm whale ... I do not remember the most far-sighted elephant.But no, these giants are not the owners of the "most-most" eye.The largest eyes in the world is the giant squid, living mostly at greater depths.His organs of vision, having a diameter of up to twenty-eight (!) Cm, let him see the danger from afar in the shadows of the ocean sequences.Fearing this predator has one.The largest of the toothed whales - sperm whales - is not averse to eat these marine predators.To oppose the squid they can not do anything, so for him there is only one option of getting rid of the giant teeth Salvation flight.And for this we must first notice the danger.

According biologists, the giant squid at a depth of five hundred meters can be noted sperm whale at a distance of one hundred and twenty meters.The largest eyes in the world could appear in animals living in such conditions.For the gloomy depths of the ocean is quite a distance, giving a chance for salvation.

However, one would expect that the largest eyes in the world will the inhabitants of the shadows.Remember animals, nocturnal.Those who are not equipped like the bats, the natural "radar", is bound to have a disproportionately large eyes, which are better adapted to night.However, the question of proportionality presence or absence thereof - the subject of idle discussion.Nature itself is rational, and if the animals have eyes, in our opinion, is too big, it just means that they have become so in the course of evolution.

But the enemy squid - the sperm whale - in such large eyes do not need.He developed a process of evolution in the other device for the detection of food at a great distance - "Sonar", roughly the same operating principle as bats.Interestingly, in the dispute of natural radar and locator wins big eyes.About three quarters of the diet of squid sperm whale up.From the complete destruction of their only saves a great fecundity.

largest eyes in the world in proportion to the body belong to the Philippine tarsier.With this record animal even hit the "Guinness Book of Records."This little animal (body length of up to ten centimeters) as you might guess, is nocturnal.

What are the big eyes in the world of the person - is not known.It is clear that the representatives of the Mongoloid race to claim the title holder of the largest eye can barely.Some sites suggest American Kim Goodman, who by some manipulation gained the ability to roll his eyes at eleven (!) Mm.Not a pleasant sight.Others argue that the greatest "natural" eye - the Ukrainian model Masha enforcement.Is it really, or publishing - only to avid exercise zheltushki journalists is not known.

Big eyes - not always beautiful and this is not always a sign of health.For example, one of the symptoms of thyroid disease (Graves' disease) are "bulging" of the eye.The disease is fairly common.She suffered for centuries.For example, it is believed that the Emperor Commodus, the last of the Antonine dynasty, was sick of it.This is borne out of his sculptures.On the bust of Commodus eyes have a form specific to thyroid disease.