Proverbs about conscience.

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was among the people is an ancient wisdom: "Conscience though without teeth and gnawing soul can."And it just so happened that the people began to forget those words, like a lot of other important things.But that's not for nothing that our ancestors have composed proverbs about conscience.Did fact that without the Russian people will be gone and it will not be happy.

So what are the proverbs of conscience and duty of every person should know?Why do they need it?And that generally is conscience?

What is conscience?

so happens that each person has their own conscience."Why is that?"- You ask.Because each person is arranged differently.Some were brought up in good families and teach good and order, and the other - in the evil.So growing up, people have different ideas about morality, respectively, and their conscience is different.

According to psychologists, the conscience - it is the moral and ethical rules that define the inner world of the individual.Violation of these unwritten laws leads to the fact that a person begins to feel a sense of guilt and fear.The common people called it remorse.

conscience of the Russian people

Slavs often composed of sayings of conscience and duty.Because I believe the most important virtues of mental qualities.For example, one of their proverbs says: "A good feather, only without conscience still does not sleep well."And these examples are the hundreds, which proves the above words.

But why so?In fact, everything is very simple, the essence of what is happening lies in the fact that the Russian people have long suffered harassment from other countries.Survive in times like these helped the fraternal solidarity of the entire nation.And for this it was necessary to trust someone who protects your back.

That is why Russian so much time is taken to bring up the concept of conscience of their children.They are not lazy to create more and more proverbs of conscience.And those firmly rooted in the mind of their descendants.So it has become a tradition in Russia that "conscience - is the eye of God", and who are deprived of it, and that the road to heaven is closed.

psychological aspect

As they say, "Is not the neighbor - it will not turn out to miss."Now, many have started to take care of their body, so that in the future, always look young and attractive.But, alas, they completely forget about the spiritual world.

After being taught proverbs about conscience?That's right, that it should be protected.For example, "Let the little black dress, but white little conscience."Or, "With his conscience to live well, that's just dying to it will be bad."And I must say that these comments are true, not only from a moral point of view.For example, psychologists have repeatedly proved the importance of the harmony of the inner world of man.

So, consider how conscience influences our lives.It seems to be a blind eye to the moral - and increase their profits easily: to deceive people, steal, betray, do mischief, and so on.There is only one thing - remorse.And they will inevitably leave its mark on a person's identity.

How else?For daily experience, fear, frustration and discontent in himself, somehow, affect the psyche.Sooner or later it will grow into a depression or a psychological impact on human health.This is what we are trying to tell, and proverbs of conscience.It is important that we were able to save your soul from such torments.

Top proverbs about conscience

Now that dealt with the mission of conscience, you can go directly to the proverbs themselves.List all of them is simply impossible, therefore, focus on the best of them:

  • "for conscience and honor - the head does not cut off the pity."
  • "rich man's conscience does not buy it, but the old can lose."
  • "He has a conscience - like a leaky sieve."
  • "uneasy conscience is ten executioners."
  • "me confidence - change and conscience."
  • "His conscience last year suffocated in a bottle."
  • "guilty of all fears, and the right not afraid of anything."