Despair - it is for the state?

agree that in life anything can happen.At some point, the days begin to appear darker and darker, and the usual things, from which you have always enjoyed, cease to please.In the end the problem had seemed suschimi trifles become too heavy a load.Comes complete despair: the fate continues to throw up in trouble, which is psychologically very hard to cope.Probably many of us in such moments visiting thoughts: "I can not do anything in this situation, it is a dead end!»

constant feeling that a black stripe can not cope, just unsettling!Familiar?Despair - a sadness, depression, apathy, lack of strength to move on.In this emotional state is impossible to work, enjoy life, Yes to confess - to live, at times, do not want to.

grave sin

often said that despair - it is a sin.Why are there such a belief?Firstly, according to the Christian religion and despair - a lack of faith in God, because man while sparing itself and ceases to rely on a higher power.Second, such a condition can lead to many problems, and in the most complex cases - to bring a person to suicide.And this, according to Christianity - the strongest sin that you can make, because there is no way to ask for forgiveness for their conduct during the life of the Lord.

also believed that such a state denies the omnipotence of God and shows that the human soul is not ready to humility.Despair - is the pride of the heart, believing in the possibility to aspire to God and believe in it with renewed vigor.

If you feel the need, go to church, clear thoughts and contemplate the greatness of God - become easier.Remember, "diligent prayer is death to despondency."If a person is overtaken by despair, I do not complain, it is better to turn to the Lord.Indeed, prayer - that's what your soul is asking today.

go to a psychologist!

Firstly, despite the fact that in times of crisis want to be alone, should think about visiting a psychologist.Many people needlessly afraid of the visit to a specialist, considering that they are able to cope with any adversity, and without assistance.Remember, despair - a sure way to depression, and this is a serious mental disorder that takes a lot of vitality.

Do not forget that any problem can best be seen from the outside.Moreover, an experienced psychologist is required to conduct several tests without interest, which will help you to understand themselves and to cope with the scourge.Share your experiences

If hike to a specialist for some reason is not possible, another good way to overcome despair - it is to find someone that can listen to you and give good advice.Guests pay a visit to an old friend, call a good friend - a pleasant conversation affect you as a magic pill.Do not hold back emotions and share ideas is very important - the more you accumulate in itself, the stronger will worsen your state of mind.

no less useful to keep a diary, describing his experiences on paper, and later - to analyze them and try to gradually understand why you are desperate.What does it mean?The diary should describe not only lived through the events and thoughts that visit you during the day, try to answer the questions: "What do I think about this situation?", "Why is it I was so worried about?" "Does it's so strongimpact on my life? "," Are these events so many experiences? »

Be honest with yourself

shrugs off his feelings, afraid to see his weakness - a thankless job.It is to admit defeat, stop and look at life from the outside: it is obvious that something really went wrong.Be as honest with yourself and try to impartially evaluate the situations that happen to you recently.You do not need to justify yourself and amuse oneself with the thought that all is not so bad.It is important to really understand the issues in order to find a solution.


Despite the fact that in moments of despair I want to stay idle, try not to sit at home: Make a light jog, go to the movies, the theater or to the exhibition - you just need time to time direct his attention to something wonderful.Amazing force of nature will work if time allows, you can go hiking or just a walk in the woods outside the city - the tide vitality you provided!


Yes, no matter what!Perhaps you are one of these people, which the previous method does not approach: thinking about the poor state of only aggravate your situation, and despair envelops you with renewed vigor.In this case, you just need to escape and to fill life with bright colors: see the comedy, dance to lively music, play with the cat or dog - a smile on your face immediately will signal the body: "But everything is fine!" And life does get better!

But perhaps the most effective way to deal with discouragement - to do something new, unusual and crazy - something that will instantly come out of the crisis.We wanted to make a purchase insane?Jump with a parachute?Or maybe just eat alone an entire box of candy and watch a stupid movie?Now - the best time!

philosophy of existentialism

Despair - is not just a word that can describe the gloom.With him also linked one of the terms of contemporary philosophy - quietism of despair.It is necessary to understand and analyze the relationship.Generally, in the Middle Ages it was called quietism Catholic religious movement that adheres to the contemplative, detached view of the world.In a figurative and more ordinary sense - it is a passive behavior and his resignation.

Much later, in the XX century, in the philosophy of existentialism, the term 'quietism of despair. "For the first time the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre used it in his work "Existentialism - a humanism."He meant that the quietism of despair - a position that, if the problem can not be solved, then it is not.This deep philosophical meaning can be construed as a powerful practice of acceptance and transfer it to your life: perhaps, indeed, if you realize that your problems can not be solved - this is not a problem, and not despair because there is no solution, it is not necessary?

ponder any situation, you should try to evaluate it from different sides.Perhaps it will help to find the unexpected exit and realize that all the problems - these are trifles.As long as the person is alive, all difficulties can be overcome.Just before his death, it comes complete impotence, and pay back the process impossible.Therefore it is necessary to appreciate every moment and not waste time on negative emotions and experiences.