What is the most profitable business?

What is the most profitable business and up to date?After all, a huge number of people dream about their own business, which will bring a stable and rather big income.But many people are afraid to start their own, do not believe in their entrepreneurial potential, do not have the necessary capital to start a business, but it is only part of the excuses to start acting.But, nevertheless, what business the most profitable?Naturally, if you have a million of capital, then you can deal with oil, gas and gold.But today a profitable small business attracts the attention more, it is the beginning of all beginnings, when you are aiming to win a decent place in the sun.Consider a few business ideas with little start-up capital, which with good promotion will bring considerable profit.

What is the most profitable business?Can a ukolny interior bring a steady income?

Currently, the most profitable business in Russia must be unique and unusual.One such is the salon of dolls.If you think that this area of ​​business is limited to children ages buyers, it is not so.This fascinating world of dolls and magic attracts a variety of people from different professions and ages.

dolls are porcelain, vinyl, wood, silicone rubber, in addition to a specialty store you can sell accessories for dolls (clothes, wigs, shoes).But if you ever heard of the master puppeteer - the creators of the collection and other dolls with their own hands, and so, for them to create a special area.They always require special materials, additional accessories and components for the manufacture of another puppet masterpiece.However, the puppet business requires creativity, but it will pay off and you will be justified.The main recommendation for this activity: to avoid toxic and harmful Chinese dolls.You should also pay attention to the range of puppet shop.It is worth to sell everything: from the budget to the most refined and exclusive models, which may even hand-made, one-off.

What business the most profitable trade clothing?Perhaps the idea of ​​organizing a network of shops second-hand perspective ?!

The outlets for the sale of second-hand clothes recouped within a few months, the organization of all necessary measures for the promotion of products and range.Estimated revenue per month is more than three thousand dollars, and the first purchase, you can start with $ 700.Buy wholesale products in bulk in bags of 25 and 100 kg.When parsing and sorting bags oldest products offered for sale at cost, and more expensive, and half of the new product range is sold at a premium 100-150%.

are shops second hand is usually in the homes of everyday life, department store or in the studio.The focus should be advertising the store, install advertising signs and leafleting in the immediate area where the store is located.

also considered an excellent idea kofematov networking centers of small towns.In this case, it would require an amount - $ 25,000 to install four kofematov.In the absence of competition, this business pays up to six months, and brings income of 12 000 $ or more per month.Remarkably, coffee machines operate without a license and a seller, there is no need for daily visits to the machine, only a postulate of success in this business - the right choice of location.Why do I need 4 kofemata?Just the other success stories show that requires minimal network of 4 machines that will run on natural coffee, and the solubility.The range is quite wide, ranging from the simple cocoa, ending the American espresso and hot chocolate.