Air overpressure system.

What is air backup?From the official term: increasing the air pressure above the atmospheric obstacle in front, etc.It reduces jaw.Anyway, I just do not understand.I had to investigate.In a certain place, usually on the stairs, mounted fan that when an alarm starts to catch up with air from outside (pressurize).Fans air overpressure is usually very strong and can operate without restrictions on power throughout the range of performance.In fact, this whole system of air overpressure. Its task is to ensure that the individual areas are escape routes, the air pressure was greater than in other areas. This smoggy air can not penetrate into these areas and not hurt people to go to a safe place or caught fire, leave the building.
air overpressure calculation is carried out in the worst case scenario.Fire occurs when a strong wind speed, when the destroyed windows and doors open and the elevator shafts.
When installing the fan pressurization air is taken into account:

  • location (the upper level room or stairwell);
  • excessive pressure on the escape routes should not exceed 150 Pa (in order not to impede the opening of the door);
  • wherein the minimum pressure should be at least 20 Pa;
  • hydraulic resistance;
  • place grille is dried up with the building.

people have never faced a fire measures for the most part unaware of the smoke exhaust system and air overpressure.Meanwhile, most of the people killed in the fire was from asphyxiation and carbon monoxide poisoning.Smoke instantly spreads and penetrates the most remote corners of the building.Remember, if something burnt on the stove, the stench is felt throughout the apartment.Similarly, the same with carbon monoxide!It penetrates everywhere with great speed, but in contrast to the unpleasant odor.Carbon monoxide is dangerous.When the concentration exceeds the norm you are not able to adequately reflect and navigate in space.Can not find a way out of the smoke and evacuate the premises.In order to avoid the catastrophic consequences of smoke and poisoning are smoke exhaust system.

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the joint venture 7.13130.2013 FZ-123 systems are equipped with smoke:

  • corridors;
  • halls;
  • stairwells;
  • basements;
  • tunnels;

All dangerous places without natural light.

When the fire alarm normal ventilation is blocked, because it contributes to the development of a fire.The system displays the smoke from the premises of the smoke and carbon monoxide increasing the probability of survival of the people.Therefore, the functionality of the smoke exhaust system and air conditioning are different.And most importantly, a completely different technical features.Smoke extraction systems more powerful.Their challenge is to remove all the contaminated air from the room in the shortest time.Calculations are made in accordance with paragraph 7 SP 7.13130.2013.In addition to removing the products of combustion smoke removal system removes excess heat.Prevents the spread of smoke and carbon monoxide between rooms (fire zones).Sent to clean escape routes, as well as following the directions of fire brigades.Thus the smoke removal system is divided into the supply and exhaust.They are always used together (single use is prohibited or regulations), so the division is conditional, and is not worth detailed consideration.

smoke ventilation consists of:

  • fan;
  • duct;
  • smoke valves;
  • air overpressure system.