What to bring from China as a gift?

Since ancient times, Chinese merchants were carrying exotic goods such as silk, tea, gunpowder, porcelain, paper and much more.Today, this country is still surprised by the variety of products, like hundreds of years ago.From the Far East can not go home empty-handed, so the question arises that can be brought from China.

should be noted that in China, there are almost everything your heart desires, but nevertheless, the tourist has to buy something that would be associated with this country.What to bring from China, but silk, because there are several factories for its production.You can buy ready-made silk clothes or fabric in the book.Material painted in a variety of patterns in the form of characters, dragons and landscapes.To save money and be assured of excellent quality of the goods, silk is better to buy directly to the factory.

perfect gift for friends and relatives can serve Chinese tea.And if they still are true connoisseurs of this divine drink, then the question of what to bring from China, no longer relevant.The country produces several varieties of tea: black, green, red, yellow or white.The most valuable is considered to white tea, as it served to the imperial table, but it is not for everybody, because it has a rather bitter taste, albeit with a sweet aftertaste.You can also buy tea, you want to chew or sniff.Very popular variety "Yellow Orchid", it has an incomparable flavor.

It belongs to the Chinese leadership in the production of porcelain, so they make the best porcelain products.Painted in the Chinese style porcelain plates, bowls, cups, statuettes with different deities, of various shapes and sizes of pitchers like everybody, so the question of what to bring from China to relatives as a souvenir, can be considered closed.

Women certainly appreciate pearls.China is a major exporter of this stone, so it would be wise to buy it here, because it will come much cheaper.But do not buy strings of pearls from vendors on the beach, this may be a fake.

As a souvenir you can bring and figurines.They are made of different materials, have different colors, shapes and sizes.The greatest demand is for dragons, various idols of jade, bring luck, wealth, happiness and all sorts of other goods.From such a gift hardly anyone refuses, therefore, not to wrestle with the question of what to bring from China, we can safely go for Chinese souvenirs.

In China, you can buy clothes.I do not think that it is sure to be of poor quality.It sold a lot of really quality products of famous brands at attractive prices.Therefore, there is a chance to save and update your wardrobe.Bringing goods out of China in the cellar, so you can safely buy anything.

bargain purchase will be Chinese iPods and mobile phones, they are much cheaper Japanese and European brands, though the quality is not particularly inferior.It is best to shop in department stores and specialty stores, so you can be confident in the quality of the goods and the fact that he bought at the fair and not overpriced.Besides the opportunity of its return.