Twenty ridiculous ways of self

Practice often presents a real surprise in dealing with patients.Being interested patients that they have taken, sometimes we hear about such methods of self, from which inevitably stir his hair.What was not our people healthier - in the course are kerosene, pigeon blood, and even feces.Unfortunately, despite all the advances of medicine, the mass consciousness remains largely the same superstitious and dark, as in the days Veresaeva Vincent and Mikhail Bulgakov.

1.Molitva from sinusitis .

Recipe: Close fingers nose and read at least 100 times the prayer "Our Father."God willing, the disease will be defeated!

According to the patient, under the influence of prayer in the nasopharynx and maxillary sinuses appear unknown to science of vibration, which contributes to a speedy recovery.The main thing, so you do not have to read the burial zealous priest Supplicant.

2. Candle, thread and otitis .

Recipe: Light the candle and heat the thread clockwise drive around the inflamed ear.So do three nights in a row.I helped and advise you!

In this case, perhaps, is suspected of any special "twists", relieving the patient from inflammation of the middle ear.

3. toad strangling angina .

recipe 1st: Catch normal frog, squeeze her hand, and holding in front of him, open his mouth wide.Then the animal is released, saying, "Toad, Toad, attach themselves sore on his side."

Recipe 2nd Put a frog in a container of milk, and stayed there for half an amphibian, then you need to drink milk.

Frankly, you can still understand the Latin American drug addicts who are caught and lick the toads, whose skin contains intoxication, but it is hoped that in this way will take a sore throat - it is not traditional medicine, and the present obscurantism ...

4. Onions -napalm nose .

Recipe: Fresh onion juice instilled into each nostril 3-5 drops 3-4 times a day for several days.All the microbes will die in no time!

Actually onion juice causes inflammation, burn the mucous membranes of the nose, and even can lead to nosebleeds.

5. Brandy - a killer virus .

Recipe: severe cold, the first, at least, on the second day of the disease need to drink in the evening, before bedtime, 300 grams of cognac.In the morning - the disease as had happened!

Also hangover, in addition to a headache because of the flu or SARS, will not have to expect anything.

6. Sunflower oil - the winner of hemorrhoids .

Recipe: Gargle with sunflower oil (1 tablespoon) for 15 minutes three times a day.A week later, hemorrhoids recede.

us, the Slavs, often inherent to approach the problem from the wrong side ...

7. Kerosene and dandruff .

Recipe: With wipe dandruff scalp aviation kerosene twice a week.After a month the hair cleansed, become thick and shiny.

After this treatment, some patients do manage to get rid of dandruff, however, along with the hair.It should be noted that "kerosinoterapiya" - popular destinations in folk medicine.Kerosene "watered" the left-to-right at a number of skin and rheumatic diseases, ENT diseases and even chlamydia, leukemia and cancer of the cervix.In the best case, after long-term use of kerosene man faces poisoning or toxic hepatitis, and at worst - will be wasted precious time that is fraught with the most unfortunate consequences.

8. Head-On .

Recipe: A person suffering from high blood pressure, should be a couple of minutes a day much rest on his head against the wall.And the headaches will be, and the pressure drops.

Well and treatment!Neither give nor take - "Egyptian darkness".Man, hugs the wall, apparently convinced that effective antihypertensive drugs - adverse developments greedy bourgeoisie.

9. Dead in the service of the living .

Recipe: Available wart should be three times - clockwise - hand circle the deceased person.You do not have time to blink, your wart will disappear somewhere!

achievements of modern medicine in the form of surgical resection, cryoablation, laser and electrocoagulation of warts - is nothing compared to the antiquated method!

10. Vodka - Russian treatment of parasitosis .

Recipe: 30 grams of vodka mixed with 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil.The resulting mixture drink fast gulps.Healing drink need to cook and eat 3 times a day.In just 2 weeks, all the worms die.

similar approach to the treatment of helminthiasis more like alcoholism.Parasites if they are in the body, of course, nothing wrong will not be, but can someone and rejoice as much as possible to pass a fortnight drunk.

11. Zoovampirizm .

Recipe: Drink pigeon blood for anemia 1-2 times a week.After a while the hemoglobin is such that even fly into space!

Sorry, but that's not a cure, and sadism half with black magic.

12. Gifts bee world .

Recipe: A woman suffering from infertility should eat one day bee abdomen.Dermatologic need the whole summer and soon became pregnant.

Specialists of reproductive medicine clinics do not even know how it's simple.And yet, if it does not get pregnant, then the global food crisis, eating insects, you can save a little on the products.According to experts of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, insects - an excellent source of protein and vitamins.

13. Recovery from a headache .

Recipe: Tie a red thread the wrist when the migraine attack and the pain will go away as the melt water.

Do not look here for a reflex effect on the elimination of headache and do not bring about the existence of the placebo effect!Apparently, the one who recommended just such a thread, tried all the others and set an undeniable effectiveness of red.

14. Garlic and teeth .

Recipe: On the other side, which have a toothache, tie a clove of garlic to the wrist.He quickly alleviate the suffering.

official medicine, of course, respects the healing properties of garlic, but, apparently, this method of treatment committed by persons who are afraid of contracting in dental offices viral hepatitis and HIV infection.

15. The man - an animal ruminant .

Recipe: In gastric ulcer need to eat fresh leaves of comfrey (larkspur) 3-4 times a day.After a few weeks the ulcer heals.

Office of the Food and Drug Administration in 2001 said about the danger of internal use of comfrey.Larkspur long been excluded from the list of medicinal plants in several European countries.Rumor has it that the grass is even potentially carcinogenic.But, most importantly, eating comfrey, you need to remember - it is almost not digested in the stomach, resulting in a body cavity formed food ball - compressed foreign body consisting mainly of undigested plant fibers.As a result, if the endoscopists using the probe will not be able to remove a bezoar, this "herbal medicine" will end on the operating table.

16. Earwax instead ointment .

Recipe: Grease perleches earwax several times a day.A week later, no trace will be left of this disease.

Well, as they say, cheap and cheerful.

17. Snot - corns fighters .

Recipe: A few times a day to lubricate the snot calluses or abrasions on their feet, and soon you will feel relief.

Woe to him who is not a cold!Well what can I say - pure barbarism.

18. Cum beautiful face for .

recipe for acne and other scars must be 2-3 times a week to apply cosmetic mask on the face of sperm.A month later, the skin will become clean, velvety and elastic.

Obviously, some of the men went on a simple misunderstanding, why women spend so much money on cosmetics ...

19. Urine guard health .

Recipe: Half a cup of morning urine should drink daily fasting during exacerbation of any disease.Recovery is guaranteed!

Urinotherapy "impact" almost all diseases known to mankind.The method has many applications, but the most common - ingestion.Urine must say, like vodka, our people "turn off" glasses.A particular demand among fanatically devoted urine, the urine of pregnant women enjoy rich estrogen.Urine supposedly beneficial effect on the aging process, especially the facial skin, so advocates of urine therapy and recommend that women daily to wash the urine.Some citizens put compresses on the area of ​​the joints of patients.In addition to external application of urine spread douching during gynecological inflammatory diseases.Adherents of dubious treatments do not mind a long time is a proven fact: the urine does not contain any nutrients.

20. Life without waste .

Recipe: Applying feces on the affected area of ​​the body 1-2 times a day.The treatment takes about two weeks.And eczema and psoriasis, and other skin ailments, as the drag on the dog!

Applications stool for dermatological diseases, according to popular notions, have anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerative properties.Particularly inspired by the opening prospects of improvement patients taking feces inside.In addition to the use of human excrement in the course are the feces of animals.Thus, the known method of treatment of helminthiasis horse manure, which is used in oral supposedly has degelmintiziuyuschee impact.There are recipes for the use of cow feces inside with gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.The distinction between the so-called kaloterapiey and Coprophilia - mental disorder, probably small.Perhaps needless to say about the absence of the effect of the application of feces.

Gastroenterologist Eugene Dubivka

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