Nicole Kidman has become the queen of the desert, and Pattinson - Arab sheikh

There are probably a few more corners of the world where there is no time to visit director Werner Herzog, so his idea to tell about one of the key figures in the modern history of the Middle East was particularly intriguing.

filmmakers were able to gather in one of the film "Queen of the Desert" several stars, and - la Voie!- In front of you new international kinohit.

Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson and Damian Lewis appear characters real history Gertrude Bell , a British scholar, traveler, archaeologist and politician, who had power and influence in the Middle East in the 1920s, helping to shape their future.

Trailer Released gives us our first real look at the picture.

But the official synopsis :

film tells the story of Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) , which in the 1920s as a historian, writer and member of the British secret service played a crucial role in the formation of a new political orderMiddle East.This educated young lady was not able to look for a suitable husband in England and sent to Tehran.After the tragic love with a diplomat and inveterate gambler Henry Cadogan, she decides to give up his personal life and begins exploring the region as a researcher.All this against the backdrop of prishodit disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, especially to keep the Middle East under his rule.

Gertrude diligently studying languages ​​and literature of the East, translates, meets with Muslim dignitaries in Cairo, Basra and Baghdad, and gradually earning their trust and respect.This predetermines its further mission of mediator between the East and the British Empire.It contributes to the establishment of new borders in the region after the First World War.And then re-enters her life love.

Werner Herzog uses vast desert landscapes, to reflect the architecture of the soul of his characters.This is the panoramic epic about Gertrude Bell, who went down in history as "Lawrence of Arabia in the female form."

Photo source: Playlist, WENN