The value of sleep: what a dream dog that bites or playing

dream in which you see a dog, good.The dog - man's best friend, and in a dream and reality.Although to tell what information is transmitted through a dream man is difficult.Details and fleeting vision of the situation and the circumstances of his meeting with these animals in sleep affect the meaning and interpretation.Let's take a closer look at what a dream the dream.

Dog - each bearing the benefit

So, you had a dream about a dog.All dream books this animal symbolizes the other.Remember, you play with her, and fed or frolicking with his hands?In any case, it is a good sign.This means that in real life you will be close to your friends.They are faithful to your friendship and support always, will come to the rescue.Feed the animals in his sleep very well.This shows that in reality the sleeping man trusted and supported all over.If the dog hesitated afraid to go, but wags his tail, then you should be less demanding friends, have more confidence and appreciate the relationship.Because friendship is so easy to lose!Sometimes only one wrong action, that man was offended and left.Pay attention to the color of the animal's dream.You know what dreams white dog?This is a good news, prosperity and profit.Well, if you ran, and incredibly friendly.But the barking beast - it is your inner state.Perhaps to someone you have an aversion, but this man did not deserve such an attitude.

dog bitten in his sleep

Probably, each of you wondering what dream dog that bites.Forgot need dog was evil?Yes?This is your enemy.And you think the contrary, trust this person in real life.Generally, animal bite dream to enmity, strife, resentment and violence.Especially bad if in a dream dog biting its own.The one that you will faithfully serve and protect, for example, your home.If she is wearing a collar or planted in the chain, it means that your environment has a two-faced people, spread bad rumors and gossip.Arguing over, what a dream dog that bites, it should be noted that such a dream can serve as a warning.In reality comes to you each ask for money in debt.Do not give any pretext.You will not only lose their money, but also become a member of a serious scandal.Also interpreters again by the Council in the near future to carry out major acquisitions.This is what dreams dog that bites.

bitten by a sick dog

you dreamed that you saw on the street a sick dog.You want to help her, but she bites hurt you.The plot is bad.And the interpretation of no less threatening.This frustration and material losses.If the dog is sick own, then wait for a breakdown in family relations.Can betrayal and divorce.It should also make emphasis on what a dream dog that bites playing.In real life, you have a friend who is good to you.But at the moment he is in a situation where must choose between friendship and his personal life.


So the dog in his sleep - a good sign.Unless, of course, she set up a friendly and poses no threat to sleep, healthy and playful.If the animal is attacking, barking, biting and angry, wait for trouble and stay alert.