Sew a knitted dress.

in knitted dress, you will be comfortable and convenient.Adding accessories in the form of belts, or jewelry, from casual wear it can be turned into an evening outfit.Picking up a beautiful otrez can sew knitted dress with their own hands, without the skills cutter.Here are two ways to sew dresses without patterns.

Select style

When sewing dresses need to take into account features of the figure.If you have a tummy, then by fitting dress should be abandoned as knitted fabric will only increase the disadvantages.But a way out can be found sewn small piece of cloth around the waist in a short skirt (the Basques).Also, this technique will help hide the extra inches on the hips.Full hand should not be too tight, so the sleeve to be cut free.Owners of a lush and beautiful breasts recommended V-neck and neck can make the smell.

Features sewing knitwear

to sew a dress from jersey, only three yardsticks.It hips, chest and waist circumference.You can make a pattern on paper, or cut directly on the fabric.Cut jersey is possible only on equity, as it is stretched transversely.To do this, we combine the edge of the fabric and fold right sides.Next to sew knitted dress, draw the pattern on the fabric, and then the two layers of shear pins and cut two pieces at once.WHEN SEWING jersey is better to use overlock.If this tool is not present, you can use the seam "zigzag" on the sewing machine.To handle neck piping need to glue interlining, in order to avoid overstretching.The edges of the hem and the sleeves can be hemmed by hand or on a sewing machine twin needle.The suture in this case will flexible and extensible.To sew a dress from jersey, you need to use special needles, which end the round.Such a needle pierces the fabric and enters into it, pushing the fiber.

sew dress shirt

easiest way to cutting to help make the most of the knitted dress, without measuring the shape.Although one size still need to remove.This will be the length of the product, it should be measured from the shoulder and the bottom to the desired length.For these purposes, you can measure your dress with a comfortable length.For tailoring take your favorite t-shirt or tank top, which sits well on you.Otglazhivaem and lay the cloth, folded in two layers.Shear pins and shirt fabric.Trace the outline of a T-shirt, do not forget to leave half a centimeter of the edge to the allowances.We measure out the length.Cut parts and grind the shoulder and side seams.The shape of the neck can be issued, putting nedoshitoe dress themselves and noting the fine, which will be cut-out.Neck can be treated in two ways.The first - a bias binding.It can be bought ready-made at the store tissues, or to carve out a 45-degree angle from the fabric for the dress.The second way - the piping.For it is necessary to cut around the neck from behind and before, and add specific details to the inside of 4-5 cm. Sewn to the neck, and the front side otstrachivaem twin needle, or a decorative stitch.

Kroim on fabric dress with Basques

stitched jersey dress this way too easy.It is necessary to remove Size Bust, waist and hips.As well as the distance from the shoulder to the chest to the waist and hips.Parting is folded along the length of the product and outlines.Now all measurements marked on the fabric and cut two pieces dresses.If you want to add to the Basque dress, the waistline should be cut.Knitted cut a rectangle of length equal to the volume of the waist, but increased twice.Arbitrary length - from 10 to 20 cm. The Basques are sewn on a machine with a weak thread tension and tightens.Fold the top and bottom of the dress, inserting between the Basque and grind.The remainder of sewing the same as in the previous method.

reading this article, you will be able to sew knitted dress for yourself, or for a daughter.Good luck!