High Technology To assist the accountant

little more life and accountants would be utterly at ease.Progress possible to facilitate efforts paper accounting.Of course, not everything is ready to evaluate them and apply in practice, but this is only temporary mistrust.

So, what is an electronic contract?This document, which replaces the seal and signature of a set of numbers, invented by the client.Of course, the data are protected by the confidential key.And it is much more reliable any signatures and seals that many craftsmen not difficult to forge.

In fact, drawing up a contract is as follows: the two companies agree on how it will look like a signature on an electronic document, and then - the usual formalities.Since the registration document shall be valid, legitimate and lawful.For the exchange of documents of this kind is necessary to have a special mailbox on a secure server, as the corporate server can not always boast of high reliability.

Yesterday it was thought that the formulation of tax accounting, reporting delivery must be made in person, in person accountant inspection bodies.Send the document by e-mail to tax affair seemed fantastic.Now, however, electronic contracts - is a reality.

But we must not forget a number of formalities.So, be sure to store messages that are associated with the conclusion of transactions and the like on the server.After all, if you have problems with partners correspondence stored only on your computer, significant weight will not have.It is necessary to show that the document was sent by e-mail from a certain company, such number.This document may lie in the message body and attached file.What matters is that these should have been.

Correspondence on "ICQ" will also have legal force.But to discuss the transaction, any legal and accounting services ICQ is not worth it.The reason is that the story of "ICQ" is stored on a specific computer, so this information can be challenged.Best of such texts sent by e-mail.And even better, if the addressee reported receiving.

So you want to summarize that today a large proportion of accountants started using the electronic format.But so far only a handful of innovations embraced.In 2007, the year the number of users does not exceed 0.2 percent.In 2010 this figure rose to only 0.5 percent.Compare: in the United States about 25 percent of accountants are using the electronic format.

However, even convinced the Orthodox do not deny that electronic contracts have a future.The problem lies elsewhere - at the moment the system of electronic signatures is still not perfect, there are no clear laws regulating these relations.For this reason, a number of heads is in no hurry to deliver their employees from the paper.But progress is not marking time!