Secrets Tracts X

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the map of our country are many anomalous places, and most of them have already assume the length and breadth of paranormal investigators.And yet there is a place reserved in Russia, capable to surprise anyone with his miracles.

tract X - one of the oldest anomalous zones of Russia.It's not so easy to find, it is not on the cards indicated.For the current generation of ufologists tract X more myth than reality.

Let's start with the fact that in a number of recent publications on the anomalous zone was originally founded mistake.This place is not in the Yaroslavl region, as many believe, and in Vologda.And not just anywhere, but in the midst of the Darwin State Nature Biosphere Reserve, not far from the administrative center of the district - the village of Borok.

In 1991, the area tap interested Yaroslavl UFO.There was visited by about 20 scientific expeditions, during which managed to gather a lot of eyewitness accounts that describe, for example, unprecedented UFO activity in Borokskom area.But where did the first information about the existence of the anomalous zone?And why is the terrain itself is named so strange - the tract X?On these issues is more detail.

With the title, however, is simple.«X» in this case should not be understood as an "X", but as the first letter of the name of the village Hotovets.

It all began with the fact that in 1988 for employees of the Yaroslavl Planetarium addressed certain Alexander P. Gusev.He was a resident of Yaroslavl, but born and raised in Hotovtse that in the Vologda region.According to Gusev, in his native village and the surrounding area in their time to create some incredible things related to the visit of the Earth representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.


Shortly after this visit, a meeting was held in the planetarium astronomical and geodetic company "Meridian" dealing with ufology.Members of the "Meridian" was Valeriy Kukushkin, at the head of an organized community group to study anomalous phenomena.Alexander Gusev spoke to the crowd.His story seemed fantastic audience.

Gusev no longer lived in their places, but remembered the events happening there, to the smallest detail.According to him, the strangeness began in surroundings Hotovets in 1890.In that distant time, there is an incredible event happened: on the hill, near the lake, about a hundred meters from the village, fell from the sky a huge object.In place of his fall was formed a huge hole.When the local people, overcoming fear, went to the crash site, they saw in the pit "stirring flaming arrows."What they meant by that name, it is still unknown.

Since then, the inhabitants of the pit were afraid to come near, and who ever and those suffering from severe headaches and other ailments sudden.Shortly after the events described in Hotovtse and other nearby villages, for no apparent reason began livestock deaths.

Hill, which dropped an unknown celestial body called Osarki.Seeing what was happening was wrong, the local priest told to bring a cart with hydrated lime intended for the repair of the stone church in a village.Pit with "fire arrows" asleep.Soon Osarkah was built a small wooden church.Preserved written evidence that this church was as if unclean.During worship parishioners often become ill, he began to get sick and dizzy for a long time no one there could not be.

Iron Steamer

After about ten years after the fall of the mysterious object, there was another strange incident.One day, in broad daylight over the lake (it was called as the village Hotovets) appeared fiery object.Locals call it the "iron steamer."Having reached one of the nearby hills, the object is to fly crashed into him and went into the ground.

After the second visit, the UFO anomalies in the vicinity of Hotovtsa added.After some time, residents began to notice that the water in lakes and rivers (and there are several in the area) has become oddly sometimes vibrate at this time everything to disclose some strange high sound.

In a small plant, which has long been visited bathing woman, and throughout the lake water has begun to show healing properties.According to observations of people, if it be in no more than five minutes, then come ashore refreshed and rejuvenated.And the skin after such bathing becomes more elastic.And some people suffering from chronic diseases due to water hotovetskoy managed to recover.But if you spend in the water more than five minutes, the effect is reversed, the state of health is deteriorating.

And after the descent to earth hotovetskuyu "iron steamer" local residents and then began to meet in their own places of strange humanoid creatures with green faces, the descriptions are very similar to the newcomers - such as we imagine them to be.

Expedition Valery Kukushkin

story Gusev so inspired researchers, it was decided to equip the area Boroksky research expedition.Valeriy Kukushkin, a former city council member, enjoyed great prestige, he had connection, and despite the protests of the reserve, to get admission was not a problem.

arrived in reserve, the team found that the place had once a large village Hotovets almost nothing left: people have left their homes as early as the 1950s.Despite this, the inhabitants of nearby villages still remain.It turned out that according to the government's plan, developed several decades ago, Hotovets, like other villages near the Rybinsk Reservoir, was assigned by the flooding.

This plan remained up, but most of the residents were resettled.The rest were cut off from the benefits of civilization.Their houses had no gas, no electricity.In the evening, people lit their homes with kerosene lamps, food cooked in the oven, and some even survived gramophones, and you could listen to music.

From 1991 to 1997, Valeriy Kukushkin organized in Borokskom area 27 expeditions, resulting in about 2000 were recorded communications relating occurring in these places mysterious events.

Eyewitness (materials Kukushkin)

Pestryakov B., resident of the village Vlasikha:

«Last year, at the end of the summer was such a case.I saw how hung over the forest near the fireball.Povisel it there a moment, then he broke off and fell down the stone.I went to that place, and when got it on the hill among the tussocks of marsh saw the scorched patch of grass.It was not fireplace, the place was not a piece of coal.Blasted site was triangular in shape, smooth edges.And like ashes sprinkled on top. "AABoyarsky, a villager Plenishnik:

«August 3rd, 1991 at 23:05 at the northeastern edge of the sky, I saw a strange glowing object.It was a shimmering globe with a small illuminated area from above.On each side of him shone a few lights in different colors.After about 15 minutes, the ball began to rise up.From this position, it almost was not seen, he interfered with the Moon.But the halo of light from the ball still remained.From this position, he suddenly flew to the south and suddenly right in front divided into four equal parts, which were disposed alternately blinking and soon lost sight of. "

AIShishina, a resident of the village of boxwood:

«About two years ago in August, one night I woke up because the eye hit a strong light.Going to the window, I looked out and could not believe my eyes: the sky in front of the house hung a glowing orange ball, about the size of the moon.From him came two bright wide beam, one of them shining in my window.As the ball from time to time ran silver point, why he then began to change color and a while beamed silvery light.Then he began to move slowly and flew south towards the neighboring village. "

Who will remember about Borokskuyu anomalous zone?

in the expedition organized on a voluntary basis, along with a few specialists involved people ignorant, passionate topic of UFOs, but does not wish to engage in research.Work and prevented employees of the reserve, they did not want to let ufologists on their territory.After some time, Valery tired to deal with difficulties in organizing expeditions.Age took his own: he had problems with his health.Studies had to stop.

result of the tremendous work done by Kukushkin, became his book "Chimera tract X".So the name Hotovets in it for some reason does not appear.

Since the last expedition took 15 years.More Borokskuyu anomalous zone is sometimes called the tract X, one of the ufologists are not investigated.Now this area, despite the huge number of unique phenomena observed there, unfairly forgotten.Hopefully, not forever.

Mikhail Kuzmin

Photo source: Secrets of the twentieth century

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