Mardi Gras: Divination by pancakes

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Maslenitsa - the ancient Slavic holiday, we inherited from the pagan culture.This is - fun seeing winter, illuminated by a joyful expectation of a close heat, spring renewal of nature.Even pancakes, an indispensable attribute of Maslenitsa had last ritual significance: round, ruddy, hot, they are a symbol of the sun, which flared brighter, lengthening days.Perhaps the pancakes were part of a funeral rite as carnival was preceded by a "Parents' Day", when the Slavs worshiped the souls of deceased ancestors.By the way, pancakes, or rather, on the stuffing, eaten with pancakes guy can speculate about his attitude toward you and nature.

Pancakes with black or red caviar people eat smart, hard-working, not prone to empty dreams.In general, those whom we call pragmatic.However, nothing wrong with them is not practical.Just such a person first of all thinks of prosperity and order in the house.That's just fine words and gentle kisses him do not wait.This person believes that the love and care of family needs to prove the case, rather than words.In general, it is - a reliable friend, support in difficult times, a good family man.

Pancakes with red fish prefer those who never have enough adrenaline in the blood, both in your own and in another.These people feel awkward and uncomfortable when life goes steadily and smoothly.They never have enough thrills.But in general, they - the people are good, just next to them have to constantly stay on the alert.

pancakes with sour cream eat especially gentle and sensitive.They are easy to offend a casual look or awkward word.They tend to get hysterical or offended at the slightest pretext.On the other hand, are willing to give himself to the beloved.Love them - a pleasure, but to live with them - seriously.You have to constantly monitor their actions, gestures and words.

Pancakes with honey - a favorite treat male romantic and emotional.For them, every meeting - a holiday, every parting - severe suffering.And love - is necessary to the grave.They will do sweethearts gifts, surprises, kiss 100 times a day and do the slightest whim.One "but".Such a man can buy his wife a bouquet of roses on the last of his money when the house is not even potatoes.Children also will be in a single phrase: "We love you very much."

Pancakes with butter eaten person prefers to act on the sly.The family take care of some of the external order and decency.All output is carried out at home, do not allow themselves to make a public scandal seriously and thoughtfully engaged in the upbringing of children.That's just not possible that a man of his eyes is not too flatteringly about his own half.About the same person very high opinion, and the family - a supplement to their remarkable person.

Pancakes with cheese eat those who are still soldiers and machines to play, and certainly not to marry.Do not assume that your favorite settle down with age, and family life add to his worldly wisdom.These people are not able to accumulate experience: it prevents them from being eternal children.They are to the grave "mama's" sons.His mind they have by definition.As well as the responsibility, sense of duty.In general, having a husband, there is no need to have children - the child you already have.

But pancakes with jam prefer not defined yet, "not ripened" to family life people.And who knows how many have to wait until such a cavalier matures.So do not take on the responsibility of such a person; it was beyond his power and of good it did not happen.

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