What documents are required for registration in the apartment.

before each person is sometimes the question arises, what documents are needed for registration in the apartment.Imagination immediately draws a huge stack of papers and receipts.In fact, everything is much easier.

What is needed for registration of residence

Before answering the question of what documents are required for registration in the apartment, it is worth mentioning that the residence permit is of two types: permanent and temporary.The latter refers to the registration of a particular place of residence.And the word "permanent" indicates the actual place of residence of a citizen.

where a significant difference in the very concepts of "residence" and "place of residence".The difference is visible immediately in writing."The location of the" called a house in which man is a short period of time (hotel, villa, hospital, etc.).A place of residence - this is where the citizen resides legally (lease, ownership, etc.).For example, if a person has acquired the ownership of living space and intends to live there permanently, then for this purpose it is necessary to pass a certain procedure.What documents are required for registration in the apartment?

  1. most important document - a passport.Without it, it would be impossible to register anywhere.
  2. necessary to write a statement of some form, which will set out an appeal (request) on registration at this address.
  3. settled in a new apartment only on some specific rights.This means that the stock must have a certificate of ownership or tenancy agreement or lease of premises.
  4. If the person was previously registered at another location, it must issue in ZhEKe his so-called "piece of departure."
  5. necessarily require an extract from the house register.
  6. Male for registration must present a military ID.
  7. If prescribed a family with children, you need to have in place their birth certificate and a certificate of marriage between the parents.
  8. If the apartment has a master, then the registration is possible only with his written consent.He will give his papers to the right of tenure.
  9. to confirm the absence of debt need to take a copy of the account.It is useful to design a new place of residence.
  10. If the owner of property in a new building will be the citizen himself, he has to open a personal account at the new place of residence and fill in the passport office for a registration form.
  11. to finalize the receipt to be paid for services rendered.

Here are the documents required for registration in the apartment.This is only an approximate list.A detailed list of experts to give the passport office ZhEKe, and depending on the specific circumstances of the settlement and registration.

Making baby in the capital

In Moscow, many wish to register.Big city attracts people.But kids who have parents - Muscovites, it should not matter.Residence permit a child in Moscow is no different from any other city in Russia.The mother and father only need to collect certain documents and passport office workers in the community will do the rest.For a start it is worth noting that the registration of the newborn baby is usually done at the place of residence of the mother.In addition, it does not depend on the willingness of the other tenants of the apartment.To address such a request parents should have on hand the following paper:

  • birth certificate of their child;
  • marriage certificate (if any);
  • passports mother and father with their photocopies;
  • statement by one of the parents to register their child;
  • consent of the other parent for registration (sometimes required);
  • extract from the personal account of the place of residence;
  • extract from the house register, issued at the place of residence;
  • sometimes in the passport office requires a certificate stating that the child is not already registered at the second parent, in principle, it is against the law, but sometimes it happens.

All registration takes place at the passport office housing department on the place of residence of one of the two parents.Little effort, time and nerves, and your child - Muscovite.

If the apartment has a master

Residence in privatized apartment completely depends on the willingness of the owner.The only exception is the case when a newborn is prescribed with his mother.Take, for example, a situation where a woman, who lives in an apartment owned by her father wants her to register in their child.By law, the consent of the father (grandfather) is not required.Although it would be better if he did not mind that.

In other cases, the employer (the apartment owner) may prescribe in its housing any member of the family or another citizen with his written consent, and with the consent of (living at that time or missing at the moment) other family members, registered in the apartment.The problem may occur only if, taking into account the new tenant number of square meters per person is lower than the established norm.Then the question of invasion could only be settled in court.