The power of attorney to receive cash: why it is needed and how to correctly apply?

power of attorney to receive cash - is a special document that entitles a specific person to manage finances master account.In order for it to be valid, it must notarize, although there are cases in which such a procedure there is no need.We will understand more what this document is, why you need it, and how it must execute.

What is a power of attorney to receive the money?Types of documents submitted

So, the power of attorney to receive cash - a paper that can give an organization or individual, and which ensures the right of the person who received it, to receive funds (payments, pensions, salaries) and dispose of them.For the issuance of this document, there is a whole procedure.In addition, a power of attorney may be invalidated.

There are several types of proxies:

- single (on it you can get some money only once, she has a very short period of time);

- general (providing the trustee with respect to the breadth of authority granting him financial means);

- special (has a very narrow spectrum of operations).

What documents are required for registration, and which items should contain a document?

In order for this paper was valid at the time of registration should be given a very small list of documents:

- passport (both sides);

- the identification code;

- legal address of the principal (if necessary).

regard to the period when the paper will be presented a valid, it must be stated at the time it is made.However, the maximum period does not usually exceed 36 months from the date of signing the document.Now consider what items should contain a power of attorney to receive cash flows:

1. Passport details of those who make a deal (also VAT, legal address, BIN).

2. The names and initials of trusted parties.

3. The base, which makes it possible to conclude such a document.

4. Place of issue and the date when the authorization was witnessed.

5. Signature of the person who issues the document (of course, with the last name and initials).

6. Note that this document only allows the money.

7. Determination of the right to transfer power of attorney to other persons.

8. The validity of the document (if it is not specified, the paper often lapse 12 months after the date of signature).

Particulars of attorney

First of all, it should be noted that it can not exist in a verbal form.That is all the conditions, terms and content of the authority should be set out on paper.At the same time it should be required to certify seal and notary.

power of attorney to receive cash flows have to be signed by the person that transmits power to another person.With regard to the successor, its certification is not mandatory, because the transaction is one-sided.That is, the trustee may either refuse to carry out the powers, or transfer them to a third party (if specified in the document).

Today, there are plenty of models of attorney, which should only fill out the necessary items.The document must at all times be at the person, for which he was decorated.It should be noted that the power of attorney from the organization should be signed not only by its head, and chief accountant.Assure document printing company and a notary.

In some cases, you can recognize the document null and void, and how to do it?

power of attorney is no longer valid in the following cases:

- has expired;

- it was canceled by the person who has issued it;

- the successor trustee or died;

- a legal entity that received (issued) document ceased to operate;

- the implementation of these powers or abandoning them;

- judgment.

revocation procedures document should also be recorded on paper.For example, the head of the organization shall issue a special order for the termination of a power of attorney.After that, the document previously designed to be returned to the person who issued it.

In some cases, the document does not require notarization?Who else can attest to the power of attorney?

So, in order to document presented had any validity, it must assure specialist (notary).However, there are times when his work is impossible.In these cases, a power of attorney from an individual can be witnessed by others:

- the directors of social welfare institutions and prisons;

- head physician or head of the Military Hospital (part);

- commander of the ship.

not need a notary in the case, if you need to issue the document for pensions, wages, scholarships, alimony.For the approval of such power of attorney is sufficient signatures and seal of the official of the organization that provides the funds provided.