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He was called Himmler's Rasputin.He has developed a significant part of the SS rituals and proposed the establishment in the center of the mystical castle Wewelsburg SS meetings.He attached his hand and the development of character "security groups" - the famous "dead head".But the main thing for the Third Reich was his vision - "ancestral memories" justification for racial genocide.

heir kings

Carl Maria Villigut born December 10, 1866 in Vienna.His ancestors were officers in the Austrian army, and the eldest son continued the family tradition.The military career was not bad.By the early twentieth century, Carl Maria was promoted to captain.Then he discovered his literary talent and began to publish poems dedicated to the beauty of nature, mythological subjects and the history of his native regiment.In 1889 he joined the kvazimasonskuyu box in Graz and eventually reached the extent where Knight and the post of the First Chancellor.Post this Villigut held until his retirement in 1909.However, we know it must not military or literary abilities, and Masonic career.Villigut became a celebrity thanks to the mysterious gift of ancestral memory, which he had inherited from his father and grandfather.Friends and acquaintances, he loved to tell that is the successor of the ancient line of German kings, and in proof of his words showed a personal coat of arms and family seal.He vaguely informed that his crown is kept in the Imperial Palace in Gotslare and sword - a gravestone in Steynamangere.

schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur

After World War Carl Maria Villigut resigned.A few years later he came to believe in what has become a victim of a conspiracy by the Catholic Church, Jews and Freemasons.They are, he accused the lost war and the collapse of the Austro-German Empire.To publicize their ideas, Villigut undertook to publish a newspaper "iron broom," which attacked Jews and Freemasons.

In 1924 Villiguta upekli in a psychiatric hospital in Salzburg.In his hospital card which just does not!And threats to kill his wife and curses against all domestic and grandiose projects, and fascination with the occult.General diagnosis read: schizophrenia with delusions of grandeur and paranoid disorders.

the hospital Carl Maria continued to correspond with friends, and when in 1927 Villiguta old man was discharged, he went right back to the "social" activities.However, in Austria, his "creative thinking" is not enough space and scope, and in 1932 he abandoned the family emigrated to Germany.This is where he came to the court!

At the service of pure race

Villiguta presented SS chief Heinrich Himmler.He was shocked by generic visions occultist!He decided to use a unique gift to its fullest.66-year-old mystic took the SS and was appointed head of the department of ancient and early history in the service of the Main Race and Population SS in Munich.His duties consisted to record their ancestral memories.This mystic, by the way, looks very similar to Hasek's Good Soldier Schweik, and engaged.His prophecies of the past were called hagalrity and carefully numbered.

Fall moons

Strange memories of Carl Maria Villiguta began with some very very hazy days when the world was dominated by spiritual beings called ace - "children of light."Gradually, the "children of light" were to marry with "children of stone" and humanize a result, have become mundane and material.And humanization occurred in several stages.First ace turned into peri - gay spiritual beings, which people would later be called angels.Those, in turn, turned into Cymru - bisexual, hermaphrodite beings.Men were created by men and women - by women.The birth took place by internal fertilization.Degeneration of the second variety hermaphrodites led to the Amazons.The next stage of evolution (or involution?) Have become volitional aces capable of moving between the Earth and the Moon.People worshiped them as gods.Volitional became the successor of aces Nordland - a race of white people.

Generic memory prompted Villigutu that the development of mankind at times interrupted by the fall of our planet's moons and similar global catastrophe.Such catastrophes have led to the decline of civilization peri angels, then the appearance of angels alien origin, to the transformation of people into gnomes, dwarfs, and similar low-growing cave residents.From mixing humans with animals during periods of decline of civilization on the planet appeared satire, centaurs and other mythical creatures.All of these monsters were a constant struggle against each other.Before the new cataclysm chosen among the people culture Vans was able to predict ahead of time to prepare it and advance.Wana survived the horrors of the collapse of another moon, to incinerate the rest of humanity, lost in an extensive system of underground tunnels deep in the mountains.

history of the emergence of preferred Germanic peoples are pushed Villigut monstrously distant past.According to the occultist, this story began much as 230 thousand years ago.At that time, Earth was three suns, and lived on her dwarfs, giants and other mythological creatures ...

long haul

To maintain its aging of the body in a healthy state, "Himmler's Rasputin" enjoyed strong medication, andto please the boss ordinary "ancestral memories" did not disdain to resort to hallucinogenic drugs.

I must say that a certain similarity "ancestral memory" Carl Maria Villiguta contemporary works in the genre of fantasy downright striking.Right, it is difficult to judge whether it is possible to consider the ancestor of Old Faithful this literary movement ... In any case, can only wonder that some rulers of the Third Reich has long taken seriously allegations of elderly mystic.But it could not last infinitely long.

gradually to SS chief heard rumors about alcoholism and partial insanity occultist.In 1939 Villiguta expelled from the ranks of the SS for health reasons, and ordered to surrender his sword, a ring and a stiletto with SS motto.Rest of his life - and the mystic died in early 1946 - Villigut spent wandering by a belligerent Germany, with the oversight of him as Matron SS wife Elsa Baltrush ...

way :

in German esoteric journals can find a description of a verymysterious case.In late autumn of 1989 a man at midnight left the estate Beddeken towards Wewelsburg.After driving a few hundred meters from the village, he was in a very strange accident.His car suddenly stopped and burst into flames.Before Wewelsburg had to reach on foot.At one of the crossroads of people I saw a white horse, which, looking toward Wewelsburg, sat a man dressed in black.Motorist asked him where he was going.The man turned around and said: "In Tibet, in my kingdom!" When revealed eyewitness album, he easily found his nocturnal companion.He was long dead Carl Maria Villigut.

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