How to write a cover letter to the documents?

When the service - particularly remote - an entrepreneur usually sends a set of documents.It may be acts of transfer and acceptance, packing slips, invoices, corrective invoices, offers.In the event that a counterparty or new securities particularly large, it is advisable to send a cover letter to the documents.How to make it and that point?

list of applications most often in the document involved invoices or contracts and various additional agreements to them.In this case, just need to describe in detail what is in the package, how urgently the paper should be sent to the sender that the recipient has to do with them, and so on. D. The role of such an instruction and performs a cover letter to the documents.In it, for example, you can specify that a copy of the contract with the seals and signatures of authorized persons must be sent to the sender.If the product is attached to the invoice, it must be emphasized that it must be paid within a certain period.Cover letters are usually indicate a list of documents with the list of applications and destinations.The list should be numbered, that upon receipt can be immediately checked for completeness.It also happens that the cover letter to the documents indicates that they contain, for example, the amended contract to manufacture and separate the transfer of copyright, but in fact the sender forgets to attach these securities.That is why in the preparation necessary to reconcile and immediately notify the counterparty of the error.

How to formulate a cover letter to the documents?

most commonly used for this purpose a special pattern.Sample Cover Letter to the documents can be found directly in Word, OpenOffice or any of your choice.Will only insert your data, specify the destination and the sender - and sending ready.The cover letter to the documents without any problems, you can make yourself.Good practice to gratitude for the cooperation in the first paragraph.In the second, you can specify that the "Organization X directs the company Y, the following documents" (followed by the list), and "requested to sign and send to the address", "be treated as confidential," "correct if necessary" ... It all depends on the specific situation.But business etiquette involves clear and transparent rules of the game.Your contractor does not have to think about what to do with the production of paper, whether they contain the final version or options for discussion.Everything should be in black and white.

Graphic design

cover letter to the documents usually first catches the eye of the counterparty.It should not be long and detailed.It is enough to specify a single page that included documents that the sender asking them to do and for how long, and full address of the sender.It is advisable to see to it that the right has been named the recipient, not to mention the fact that the error in such a delicate matter as the business relationship, it may be very expensive.It is unacceptable to send a cover letter to one counterparty to the documents, was intended for another.It is desirable to design it on letterhead, signed and sealed, although the latter requirement is optional.You should not bother reading the counterparty as a long message in small print.Therefore, the cover letter must be written in the most concise, readable and accurate.