Residence permit newborns: stages of the procedure

With the advent of kid parents have a duty not only to educate the child, but also a lot of questions of a legal nature.Very important is the registration of newborns.What are the deadlines envisaged for this, you need to prepare and how to carry out such a procedure, it is possible to learn on.

Where to start?

birth certificate issued by the registry office within one month after the appearance of a daughter or a son into the world.If the document does not get time, you will have to pay a fine.Registration of newborns at the place of residence of the mother or the father.To register the baby with his grandmother, aunts or other relatives are not allowed.If the child has no parents, it can be registered on the housing with a guardian.

First of all parents need to prepare such documents:

  • birth certificate of the baby;
  • parents' passports;
  • if Mom and Dad are married, you must also marriage certificate.

second stage

to be registered in Moscow or another city, my mother to write about this statement and apply to the migration service.The registration process takes approximately 3-5 kid days.For providing you with forms usually require 50 to 100 rubles.A statement can also go to the IFC (a center that provides municipal and public services).Then you will say, when to come for the documents.On the day you get your hands on the certificate of registration of the baby at the stated address.This paper should be stored until a child passport.

Newborn to one month may register only at the request of the mother.If the child is three months, and will also need a certificate from the place of residence of his father.How to make a residence with his father?Register your baby at the residence of Pope maybe, but it would require permission from the mother, which is certified by a notary.If the parents live in the same housing, each one still has to write a statement separately.


Parents have the authority to register the child in the apartment (house) without the consent of family members.According to the law, during the registration procedure crumbs must be present and the father and the mother.It does not also prohibited to issue a temporary residence permit.True, the child may lodge only one living space, where his mother is registered.Residence permit newborns can be done in any kind of property, which is owned by his parents.

Terms procedures

period of time allowed for the registration of the place of residence of the crumbs is not installed.But at the same time to delay this procedure undesirable.Accommodation in your living space is not prescribed persons is punishable by law.For you may even be penalized.

Residence permit newborns usually rarely cause difficulty.But at the same time it does not need to neglect such an important procedure.If a responsible approach to this issue, check the place of residence of the child will take place in the shortest possible time.