Change the address of the legal entity.

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Change of address of the legal entity must be definitely fixed in the constituent documents, as well as the Unified State Register of enterprises (organizations).Practice shows that the companies that have physical and legal address do not match, the regulatory authorities have a special interest.

Registration procedures

decision on the change of address is usually taken at a meeting of founders or shareholders, and shall be in writing.In addition, the change of address of the legal entity entered in the charter, which is then approved by the new edition.

to re-register the change of address, you must apply to the Federal Tax Service of the place of registration.The registration authority granted:

  1. Charter in a new version or changes to it (usually need 2 copies).
  2. application for re-registration of addresses (Form 13001);
  3. Protocol or decision of the intention to change the legal address of the company.
  4. Receipt of payment of state duty.Payment details are usually found in many banks.

Apart from all these documents, the Federal Tax Service served a letter of guarantee from the lessor.If the room where the company will be located, is owned by the firm, it is necessary to provide a certificate.

modification of the legal address for the registration of the LLC is also fixed in the agreement on the establishment.You must provide to the registration authority the decision of the general meeting Ltd., and if one party - a decision the sole member of society.State duty for re-registration as of today is 800 rubles.

Stages of change of address

After the decision to change the location taken, it is important to prepare all the documents and verify their correctness.The application for change of address is mandatory shall be certified by a notary, as otherwise it along with the other papers will not be accepted.If everything is done according to the requirements of the law, can submit a paper to the FTS.The process of re-registration usually takes a couple of days.If successful, deciding Director (founder) shall be issued (sent) statement and indicates a change in the data in the register, which confirms that the new address is registered with the tax authorities.Following the filing of documents, you must submit an inventory of their receipt.In the same document usually indicates the date when the next check.

Change of address of the legal entity must be completed this procedure, as the receipt of a letter from the State Statistics Committee.Pension Fund and other institutions also have to send a notice of the registration of the new company's location.

What you need to consider?

known that FTS is an entire database of legal address mass registration.At the same time, some addresses have time to sign up to a dozen companies.Such cases is under special control.If one of these addresses will want to take the new company is likely that it will be denied and a lot of problems.To change the address of the legal entity passed quickly and without problems, it is best to consult with a lawyer.