Hookah on fruit is very easy to do it yourself

Hookah on fruit are very different from the usual, because in the process of smoking the smoke is endowed with a unique flavor, and instead of the usual cup for hookah use normal fruit.This hookah is much more pleasant to smoke than the one with the usual cup of tobacco.

What is it useful?

Hookah on fruit is very popular not only because of its original appearance.Primarily, this is due to the fact that the fruit affect the taste of smoke.Another natural bowl prevents from burning tobacco, thanks to this process of smoking becomes carefree and easy, because there is no need to follow the bowl, which is overheating.Hookah on fruit significantly extends the smoking itself that attracts visitors to the many institutions that offer similar services.Hookah is very versatile.If you break a clay or ceramic bowl, you have to spend money on a new one, while apples, kiwi fruit, oranges can completely replace it.This is entirely environmentally friendly procedure which does not harm health.

Benefits fruit bowl

- Due to the size of the bowl of fruit lasts longer smoking.

- The most commonly used fresh fruit, so the fruit hookah on a different flavor disclosed.

- Fruit Bowl during the smoking process does not dry up due to the tobacco pulp natural fruit, which moisturize it naturally.

- tobacco does not stick, so you can safely enjoy the procedure of smoking.

How to make apple hookah

1. horizontal groove is done exactly in the middle of an apple.When the cup is completely ready, the groove refuel foil to the desired tightness.

2. done for putting the mine hole.It is necessary to ensure that apple puts on mine with minimal effort.

3. Cut off the tip and cut out the core.It is possible to add the cut pulp in the flask.

If you observe every rule, that considerably saves time and nerves.

necessary to wait a little longer, then, when the cup is already prepared, care should be taken that the tobacco in the mine did not fail.There are three ways:

1. Rolled several times a sheet of foil, it made holes up to 3 mm and placed at the bottom of the apple.

2. The apple stuck toothpicks so that was the likeness of the grid.

3. Foil 10x10 cm roughly rolled into a tight tube and is wound on a finger in the form of spirals.This spiral is set in the bottom of the bowl, touching part of the mine.Then you need to bowl as much as possible luxuriant put tobacco, giving the air of freedom.