Original cushion with his own hands.

Gifts made by hand, are of particular value because in addition to time and effort they invested a piece of warmth and kindness.Original cushion with his hands, too, can be an interesting gift girlfriend, husband or in-laws.For a child, you can sew a pillow, a toy that will decorate the room and entertain baby.If you have at least basic skills of sewing, the kind of thing to do is not difficult.


Every housewife dreams of comfort and beauty of your home.You can vary the interior, adding the original cushions.For example, on an existing pad can sew satin ribbon, making small ruffles.Or decorate it with lace.Another option for decoration - embroidery.It can be made on a special machine or manually.

interesting idea can become a cushion of old jeans.This thing is very versatile: in addition to their regular duties, she will act as a repository for frequently lose things, for example, the TV remote, glasses or cell phone.And you can make a few decorative pillow cases and change their mood.Red pillow would mean that everything is fine, green - you are calm, black - you are angry.Her husband came home from work, see what color today, and will know how to conduct yourself today.

as a gift for your favorite

This original cushion with his own hands is simple and suitable for a gift to the Valentine day.For this we need a pillow, pillowcase single color red knitted fabric, thread, scissors and a pencil.If the cushion is not finished, it is possible to sew (size - 50 * 50 cm).Then cut the heart out of the fabric.Overlapping parts and sew a pillowcase on the crossbars with spacing of 3 cm. After follow all seams sewn heart should be cut (exactly between the seams).

Knitted cushion

To add to the atmosphere of the house warm and cozy, suitable cushion knitted or crocheted.Yarn for knitting is better to take a thick: it is better we will see the texture, and the process of creation goes much faster.For inexperienced knitters will approach this variant pattern as pattern "thread waste."It is also called "pearl pattern."The number of loops must be divisible by two.

  • 1 series: facial, Wrong.
  • number 2: Wrong, obverse.

turns out that the loop, that we in the previous row knit the front, next provyazyvaem as the front.Figure out in a checkerboard pattern - a simple but very interesting and beautiful.

can make a pillowcase on the pillow from an old knit cardigans or sweaters.It is also a good idea to run the product in the technique of "patchwork", but then you need to work crochet hook.The course will any remaining yarn.Of these many different knit squares, which are then put together on the perimeter of the hook.Produce bright and cheerful cushions.


toys Interior children's room can also be varied.Original cushion with his own hands made in the form of soft toys, baby will delight more than one year.Moreover, it is possible to not only lie, but also play.Patterns of original pillows you can prepare yourself for the models shown below.For example, make the legendary and beloved electronic pet poo.To do this, take the brown fleece fabric and carve out of it two parts.On one piece sewn eyes and embroider the mouth.Then the pieces are sewn together, leaving a small hole for stuffing.The filler can be used padding polyester, or cotton holofayber.From what material to pack you will use depends will cushions or not.

girls will enjoy pillow in the form of Kitty Kitty.Here you can choose the fabric with a high pile, such as velor or mahram.Also cut out two pieces, and on the face of one of them embroider muzzle.Then sew them together on a typewriter or by hand.Bow do separately, stuffing and sew it to the filling of finished cushion.

Letters pillows

Today, at the peak of popularity pillow letters.They can be used for its intended purpose for learning the alphabet with small children or decorate the sofa, laying upon him the name.This original cushion with his own hands sewed a little harder than the previous ones.

To get started, you need to determine the size of the letters.If you are going to make one initial of his name, it should be large enough size to 50 cm. If you are going to sew the name completely, it is possible to limit the size of 30 cm. As toys for children can be made small letters the size of 10 cm. Sosize selected.

Now draw a pattern on paper in full size.For the construction of the pattern is best to use graph paper: it has a low price, and the pattern will turn out fine.Note that the letters such as B, C, and K can not be flipped to the other side - on the basis of this, it is necessary to observe the location of the pattern on the fabric when cutting.The best way to do that is folded fabric right sides, after which the material is put together with pins and cut two pieces at once.Pattern on the side parts are not constructed: it just takes a long rectangle equal to the planned width of the letters, and sewn along the contour pillow.For all the details do the seam allowances.Also in the construction of the pattern should be borne in mind that during the filling of synthetic padding cushion it loses of approximately 2-3 cm.

pillows for pregnant

Well, you can not ignore the pillow in the shape of a horseshoe.Here it is not about beauty and style, and for the comfort and convenience.People who have frequent back pain or pregnant women can not do without it.Putting it possible not only for the back, but also under the head during sleep.And when the light will be the baby, it can be put on the pillow to feed.In this position, a nursing mother is not tired back, and feeding of the child will be a real joy.And when the child grows up and will learn to sit up, then it can be safely put in the middle of the pillow, without fear that it will fall.

Dimensions of such products vary, from 70 cm to the average height of a man, so if you decide to get yourself such a thing, you need to stock up on plenty of padding polyester fabric and sewing.If you plan to use a pillow for your child, you should sew two pillowcases zip from cotton material.