How many liters of blood in a person

believed that if a person loses half of the blood contained in the body, it will die.Even small losses have consequences.Most often, these negative changes.Without tangible harm to the body can lose about fifteen percent of this vital liquid.Of course, considering the serious lack of human chronic diseases, intoxication or other abnormalities disturbing and delaying the subsequent recovery.What is important here, and the age of the victim: small children are very poorly tolerate bleeding.Just like the elderly, who often disrupted with age clotting.In addition, it found that in hot weather blood loss tolerated by the human body is much worse than in the cooler months.

How many liters of blood in a person.Total amount and possible differences among different groups of people

In answering this question, we can only talk about the approximate volume.How many liters of blood in a normal person?The average weight of the fluid is from six to eight percent of the total weight.The amount of blood in the body of each person varies, inter alia, and it depends from the floor.Despite the fact that the women of this fluid around 4-4.5 liters, while men 5-6, which is significantly greater loss of its weaker sex moves easier.Interestingly, the main reason why men are better able to tolerate a variety of physical activities, too, lies in the composition of the red liquid.In contrast to the women's blood of the opposite sex has a higher content of hemoglobin and red blood cells.This allows you to quickly saturate the body with oxygen.

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donation and symptoms of blood loss

Asked how many liters of blood a person can be taken for medical purposes, doctors call a little bit different figures.But on average, donors take 450 gr.this fluid.No special discomfort, people with no experience.But the loss of 20 to 40 percent is considered high.It is characterized by impaired cardiac function, tachycardia and strong pressure reduction.It is manifested in the obvious pallor, rapid breathing, algid extremities.The victims usually complain of dizziness, perhaps even fainting.Loss of more than 70 circulating in the blood causes the body convulsions, agonies, and leaves little chance anyone survived.

It is also important for what period of time the human body loses blood.Rapid loss of two to three liters of deadly, although it is only distributed on a long time, does not entail death.The large and frequent bleeding can eventually lead to anemia.Of course, if it is not a donation: in the hospital you take only the minimum amount (as has been said, harmless to health).

If you lose no more than 30 percent of blood transfusions are required.The victim will be enough to provide timely assistance and give time to recover.To help this process can use small amounts of red wine or pomegranate juice.Also, a good effect to fill the balance of the blood in the body of the tea drink gives mixed with the milk, garlic supplementation.This should definitely add products such as raisins, many fruits, especially iron-rich, red fish, dried apricots and nuts.It is recommended that frequent drinking.Full recovery is usually achieved within two weeks.

You should know that in order to satisfy their curiosity and find out how many liters of blood in a person must understand what is meant by the blood of the matter.The one body is able to lose with a serious injury?But it exists not only in free form.Distilled substances and circulates through the circulatory system, red fluid is only about 70%.Some of it resides in the muscles, kidney and liver.And also in the human brain.

Quantity or quality?

Does it matter how many liters of blood in a person?It is important, though, there are more serious figures, especially because its amount varies depending on the weight.The above five liters - the average rate.The amount of blood in a person with a large physique can reach up to ten.Even when it comes to anemia, meaning not a small amount of red liquid.In general, how many liters of blood in a person, it does not characterize the state of his health.More important is its composition.Namely - the number of red blood cells (RBCs).It is known that circulates in the blood to our body, is nothing other than a clear liquid with dissolved impurities.Otherwise the substance is called a plasma.And it gives it the characteristic color is red blood cells.