What dream castle?

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What dreams hail?Is it always means the sadness and frustration?These issues and dedicate our article.

See hail dream

value of this dream is interpreted in different ways.Some downers talk about failure, tears and misery.Others believe that this is evidence of impending joy, profit and luck.Whatever it was, one of the most important components of treatment are fines and environment that accompanies the dreamer in his dream.

So, if you catch a glimpse of the night grёzah large hail that came down from heaven suddenly, the great luck will accompany you.It will come as unexpectedly as hail in your dream.

Someone like ...

If a young girl in his grёzah watches as hail falls from the heavens, then she might coming failure in love, but not for long.Perhaps not yet caught the man who could make her happy.Dream book says that hail in this case represents a quick meeting with a real man.It was he who brought her happiness.

What dreams hail to the peasants?In this case, not so good.People who are engaged in the cultivation of the crop, like a bad dream promises and unprofitable year.

What these dreams portend people engaged in commerce?Not a good sign.They expect significant losses.This may be associated with a person whom they trust.

And if grad had a pair in love?It also does not bode well.For women, this dream is futile courtship.For men - a girl with a high opinion of himself.

stand under a hail

What dreams hail?Large hail, under which was the dreamer, to talk about feelings of loneliness, resentment and despair.According to the dream book, these feelings are completely unfounded.You - arbiter of his fate, so everything that happens in your life - only your fault.Do not reject help from friends and family, and the likelihood that you'll be truly alone is minimal.

What if you suddenly find yourself under the hail?It says about the small successes that will accompany you throughout a long time yet.

If a girl got under hailstones in a dream, it is said that the case, which she has recently started, will not bring the desired success.

you came under a hail of the opposite sex?Know that soon you will meet the love of life.This person would be truly wonderful husband and a great lover.So do not miss your chance!

cloudy or rainy?

If in your dream you have raised his head, and a gloomy sky suddenly rained down hail, you can not expect anything good.Disappointments come upon you as in love, and at work.

What dreams hail falling from the clouds lonely?Expect bad news of loss.This may be associated with a person close to you.No, do not risk it will suffer.Betrayal happens.The loss in this case is not always treated as a death rather as an end to a relationship with a friend or family to you man.

What if hail suddenly rained down on a sunny day?This means that you will be tangled up in care that unexpected manner fate throws you.Dream book advises to let things take their course.With the fate of trifled with.Remember that.

What dreams hail and rain on a sunny day?These dreams indicate that the failures and troubles haunt you.The sun in this dream means the end of all evil.


In my dream you were watching a hail with joy and peace?Know this: after a series of setbacks in your life finally comes the white stripe.The success everywhere will accompany you.

Why dream a hailstorm that getting to you, brings the pain?This suggests that soon you will burn statements, rumors and comments envious people.

What if you save the hail?This means that you will find a short-lived success.

Some trivia

What dreams hail?Powerful degrees under which you were in a dream, it says that in your life a lot of envious.Be careful, because some of them are already building a trap you, once in which you will not be able to return to his former life.

see as hail ruined all the plants you have grown with their own hands?This means that all your efforts to nothing lead.This may be associated with a person who has a strong and powerful patron.

Gradinka melts on your palm?The man you loved, soon betray you and will break your heart.Dream book advises terminate a relationship with him and not to seek to renew them, because in the way of a new and bright love.

See how noisy hail falls to the ground?You threaten.Be careful!

This natural phenomenon can still dream about what?Hail and rain, of which you see from the window of his home, says that your loved ones are ready to help you at any time.Do not reject their help.

If you hear the hail pounding on your roof, you should not ignore the recommendations of their loved ones.

gradinki gather fallen on the ground?Soon to be a successful deal that will bring you profit.If

summer during a thunderstorm went hail, it promises profits and prosperity.

What dream castle, which is completely covered with earth?Your plans and goals are not feasible.Dream book advises all carefully consider and test, not to be in an awkward situation.

Successful you dreams!