Sencha - tea.

Sencha - the most popular in Japan today sort of green tea.It is grown and harvested in the territory of Japan and then exported around the world.Sencha - tea, which is made from tea leaves, treated in a special way.They are steamed, then rolled into thin strips - "spider legs" (Saint), through which the product and its name.


Long thin Sencha tea leaves to look at and really resemble spider legs.Despite this fact maloappetitny, Sencha green tea, cooked according to the rules, has a nice tart flavor with a slight bitterness and a kind of "sea", herbal and nutty notes aftertaste.

color properly brewed tea beverage to be pale green, but not yellow.Sencha - tea, which is perfectly invigorates and refreshes in the summer.But most importantly - of all known species in our days is green tea that has the largest number of useful properties.


Since ancient times in Japan, it is assumed that the best tea grows in the Uji region of Kyoto Prefecture.According to legend, the first tea bushes in the plantations of the small size of which - about six meters, were planted by some monk Kokenom back in the thirteenth century.Since then, over the centuries, tea, Uji collected in the area, presented as a gift to emperors of Japan.

In 1738 merchant Sawan Nagatani invented a method of processing tea leaves, which now famous Japanese Sencha.Tea, distinguished by fine exquisite taste, which also can be brewed in a teapot, since that time has become available not only to know, but simply to the public.Technology of production of a product such as Sencha, and then continued to improve, but the aroma and taste of the drink and still remain intact.

Sencha (tea): The list of properties

beneficial qualities possessed by Japanese Sencha, really huge.Regular consumption of this tea helps to maintain oral hygiene.Due to the high content of fluorine compounds Sencha prevents the formation of cavities and fights plaque, strengthens tooth enamel and perfectly freshens breath.

Catechins - powerful antioxidants that make up green tea - help to strengthen the body's immune system is actively fighting the virus and inflammation.

Sencha - tea, would substantially reduce the blood pressure and the level of "harmful" cholesterol.It is believed that this drink is useful to use for diabetes because it stabilizes blood sugar.Moreover, Sencha - an excellent remedy for skin cleansing.More this tea is used for the treatment and prevention of a number of cancers, in particular leukemia.

considered Drink tea is also useful for those who regularly experience stress: it has a calming effect, but it promotes clarity of thought.Bath, cooked with a package or a sachet of tea will help effectively to relax after a hard day's work.

brewing method

Sencha - tea, quite unpretentious in the cooking process.Although in Japan there is a ritual of brewing the drink (senchado) to enjoy its pleasant taste, it is enough just a few simple steps.

recommend Sencha brewed in chinaware, preferably light or white.The water for the beverage to be heated to 85 degrees withstand therein tealeaf need not more than fifteen minutes.This last point is very important - taste stagnate Japanese Sencha starts to taste bitter, and the color of the drink sharply cloudy.

Repeat the process brewing tea is acceptable, but no more than three times in a row.In summer, the drink is usually served in a chilled.

domestic use

Quite a lot of opportunities to use non-trivial properties Sencha useful in everyday life.So, sleeping tea leaves can serve as a good fertilizer for houseplants.If the pre-brewed tea leaves to dry and then fill them for a few days inside the shoe, it will help rid it of an unpleasant smell and destroy many of the specific micro-organisms and bacteria that appear in the shoes in the process of wear.Well, of course, we can not ignore the cosmetic effect, which has Sencha.Tea medium strength printed on the cotton swabs can be used as a moisturizing and smoothing mask for the face.

Sencha from Japan and from China

historic homeland of the variety of tea - Japan.Nowadays, however, more and more becomes known Chinese tea Sencha.What is it different from the traditional Japanese drink?

can say that Sencha tea grown in China, is somewhat simpler and poorer taste than its Japanese counterpart.The drinks prepared on its basis, the bitterness comes through quite clearly, that in the classical Japanese Senche subtle.Experts agree that a bunch of Chinese tea tasting less diverse and vibrant.However, the price of the class is different from Japan in a more favorable direction.However, the quality of Chinese Sencha, wins today's market, improving every year.

curious fact: in the Middle Kingdom is considered that their people really invented Sencha and treacherous Japanese only stole the recipe.However, whatever the historical truth is certainly one thing: both variants of tea - as Japanese and Chinese - have the right to exist and find their fans and connoisseurs.