Abdominoplasty abdomen: reviews, photos.

you stick to a strict diet and hard to exercise, but the stomach is saggy?If the abdominal cavity formed excess skin and fat that do not go away after a change of diet and exercise, may help you Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks).This procedure not only allows you to get rid of unnecessary amounts of fat and skin, but also helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall.

However, keep in mind that abdominoplasty - a surgical procedure and, before you decide on such an important step should be to learn more about the procedure to carefully analyze their own situation and in any case do not rush with the adoption of a final decision.Tummy Tucks - an extreme measure, which solved only having tried all other ways and methods to bring the body back in order.This operation can not be considered as an alternative to weight loss.


Abdominoplasty abdomen is suitable for both men and women in good health and stable body weight.It is advisable that the patient was a non-smoker.Not to be confused with liposuction plastic (cosmetic procedure, the purpose of which is the removal of body fat), even though the surgeon can perform liposuction in conjunction with abdominoplasty.As a consequence, several pregnancies, women often found sagging skin and overly stretched abdominal muscles.The operation will help them to strengthen those muscles and get rid of excess skin.It is worth pondering tummy and those who once suffered from excess weight, but now lost, but retained some of the fat in the abdomen and got sagging belly.

Who does not fit tummy tuck?

If you are a woman and are planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to postpone the operation until the baby is born.During the procedure the vertical tension of the abdominal muscles, and future pregnancies can cause divergence of these muscles and the formation of a hernia.

you still plan to lose weight?It should appoint abdominoplasty as long as your weight is stabilized.

is important to know that this operation results in a scar in the abdomen.The scar is usually characterized by a large extent, and in some cases it is very noticeable.If you do not like this fact, perhaps, do not be solved on the procedure.Your doctor will discuss with you all these questions in the consultation.

Although surgery are extreme measures in the fight for a beautiful body, many people believe that the ideal solution to their situation - this is abdominoplasty belly.Comments on the discussion forums indicate not only that the majority of women giving birth are seriously considering the prospect to go under the knife, but that managed to go through this test - happy.

course of the operation, depending on the desired results, this surgery can last for like an hour and five hours.The complexity of the procedure is determined individually for each patient.Most likely you need to go to hospital, although in some cases, surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.The patient made a general anesthetic, and all the time he falls asleep abdominoplasty.If the doctor decides that a stationary observation after surgery is not necessary to invite the person to a medical facility, which will be able to take you home.You also need to have someone stay with you for at least one night after the procedure (if you do not live with relatives).

Full abdominoplasty

This type of procedure is suitable for patients requiring particularly complex correction.The incision is made at the bottom of the abdomen, about the level of pubic hair, and usually extends from hip to hip.The surgeon then tidies the skin and muscles.A second incision is made around the navel, as necessary to free the area from the surrounding tissue.Under the skin are usually installed drainage tube which is removed after a few days at the direction of the surgeon.If you are concerned about the complexity of this type of operation, before consulting with a specialist, you can read articles and reviews about "abdominoplasty belly."Third-party opinion will finally find their way to their own desires, fears and expectations.

partial abdominoplasty

During the consultation, it is recommended to discuss in detail with your doctor the desired results.On the basis of information obtained from the patient, the surgeon will choose one or the other type of operation.The so-called "mini-tummy tuck" is performed in cases where the fat deposits are located below the navel and require smaller incisions.During such a procedure usually stomach does not change its location.The skin is pulled, since the cut line and ending with the navel.Partial abdominoplasty the abdomen may also be carried out with the help of an endoscope.Depending on the wishes of the patient and the complexity of the situation, the procedure can last from one to two hours.As is the case with full abdominoplasty, after surgery under the skin will set the drainage tube.

Circular abdominoplasty

This type of surgery involves surgical intervention, not only in the abdominal area, but also in the area of ​​the back.If you have accumulated around the waist excess fat, liposuction can be performed either this site or circumferential abdominoplasty.The last option allows you to get rid of the right fat and skin from the back and hips - and thereby improve the contours of the body from all sides.Stomach after abdominoplasty - a solid, smart and attractive.

After surgery

Regardless of the designated type of operation (total or partial abdominoplasty), the incision is equally zashyut and bandage.The surgeon may recommend wearing an elastic bandage or compression underwear after the procedure.It is important to follow all the recommendations of the expert - of them may depend on the final appearance of your abdomen.The surgeon also describe in detail how best to sit down and go to bed, to reduce the pain.

If you're used to an active lifestyle, remember that you need to limit physical activity for 4-6 weeks after surgery.The doctor overseeing the recovery process, can give additional guidance.You may need to take on the holidays for up to one month.These circumstances shall be determined jointly by doctor and patient on an individual basis, as in each case actually produced a unique abdominoplasty belly.Reviews about the surgery may help determine the choice of the clinic.


If you smoke need to quit for a period determined by the surgeon.It is not enough to simply reduce the number of cigarettes consumed;We need to completely stop smoking for at least two weeks prior to surgery and two weeks afterwards.Smoking increases the risk of complications and slow down the recovery process.

Make sure that your menu is balanced.In no case do not sit on a diet before the procedure: nutrition plays a key role in the post-operative recovery.

may need to stop using certain medicines or dietary supplements for a certain period before and after surgery.The surgeon will decide with you on this issue prior consultation.Interesting may be reviews "abdominoplasty belly."

Provide Comfort

your personal home space for post-operative recovery should include:

  • stocks a wide comfortable clothing that is easy to remove and put on;
  • phone as close as possible, so that you can call without changing the lying position;
  • chair for bathing and hand shower head, so you can go swimming and sitting freely manipulate the flow of water.

rely on their individual needs and requirements to ensure the most comfortable and safe home space for post-operative recovery after such a complicated procedure such as abdominoplasty belly.Reviews patients at medical forums may contain a lot of useful information about the establishment of a life after plastics.

Complications and side effects

It is expected that within a few days after the procedure, the patient will experience pain and discomfort caused by inflammation.Your doctor may prescribe an analgesic drug and make recommendations regarding the adoption of positions and commit painless gentle movements.

Pain continues for several weeks, or even months.At the same time may cause numbness, bruising, or the general state of fatigue.Stomach after abdominoplasty takes its final contours not once, so you need to be patient.

Like any other surgery, abdominoplasty is characterized by the presence of certain risks.Increased risk of complications facing those who are diagnosed with diabetes, poor circulation, heart disease, liver or lungs.At risk are also smokers.Complications include the following:

  • scars (scars);
  • bleeding (hematoma);
  • infection;
  • fluid accumulation;
  • slow healing of the surgical wound;
  • blood clots;
  • numbness or other changes in the sense of touch;
  • risks associated with general anesthesia;
  • changes in skin color;
  • long inflammatory process;
  • fat necrosis (necrosis of adipose tissue located deep under the skin);
  • discrepancy seams on the surgical wound;
  • asymmetry.

Return to Life

Most people fall in love in their new image, acquired as a result of abdominoplasty.However, for many months, her body may seem a stranger as a result of surgery.Remember that you have gone through a lot to get the body of your dreams, you made an invaluable contribution - both emotionally and physically, and financially.The main thing now - to observe the correct diet and sports, for many years to keep a nice and tight stomach, which gave you a tummy tuck abdomen.Reviews of the operation, the surgeon, the result is a thematic forum on post - your example may inspire thousands of women to rethink their appearance.


fundamental error inherent in people (especially women), passed through abdominoplasty - it started a strict diet to lose weight for a couple of months after the surgery.Having found the beautiful forms, women are afraid to lose them again and therefore tend to avoid weight gain and re-sagging skin or fat accumulation.Doctors, however, strongly recommended to diet for targeted weight loss: So you not only add to his health, but also jeopardize the newly acquired form.

What should be the diet after abdominoplasty belly?Option is only one: it is necessary to observe the principles of a balanced diet and the basic tenets of a healthy lifestyle.This means regular consumption of large amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, as well as an emphasis on obtaining the maximum level of proteins (protein).Proteins are found in meat, fish, some vegetables, dairy products, nuts.Do not get involved in complex carbohydrates: bread products, all kinds of sweet delicacies, pure sugar and sugar substitutes.Aim to consume fresh farm products not subjected to unnecessary treatment and keep all the human body substances.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks): reviews

Just look at the photos of "before" and "after" and become familiar with reports of surgical intervention, it is to come to the obvious conclusion: Tummy Tucks truly works wonders.Where not cope any diet or nutrition, or regular exercise, including those aimed at the comprehensive strengthening of the abdominal muscles, the men and women coming to the aid of plastic surgery.Sections feedback from patients full of enthusiastic comments of those who decided to charge and I must say, quite desperate step.Abdominoplasty abdomen (Photo procedures mentioned above) - this is a serious burden on the health, but the cost for your patience and faith in the result becomes an attractive tight stomach, which is not ashamed to boast, even on the beach.

there any negative comments?Of course, but note that all possible complaints listed under "Complications and side effects" in this article.