How to make Google your homepage

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Google search engine is very popular all over the world.According to various reports it is consulted by about seventy percent of all Internet users.Indeed, Google has an attractive design, it is very convenient to use, and big set a variety of services to suit every taste makes this search engine with one of the most famous in the world.It seems there is no question that he would not know the answer!In this article, we'll tell you how to make Google your homepage.

What is the front page (aka home)?Actually, it is called a web page that is downloaded by the browser each time you run it, or by pressing certain keys or buttons, "Home".How to change the homepage set the default browser?How to make a home page Google?

Generally, the home page is set by developers during the installation of the Internet browser.Home page can be any search engine (,,, etc.), postal service, the official website of the developers browser or panel rapid access to various sites as bookmarks.Of course, developers can customize the home page, the default, to the one that suits you best.

often necessary to install a different start page appears when you install a new game or a program that "willfully" sets the start page - for example, game developers website or program.This usually happens when you forget to remove the checkmark when you install the appropriate software.Website may modify the virus.

So you've decided to install a different start page, for example, Google.How to make Google home page, first of all, will depend on what browser you use to surf the World Wide Web.

Consider the installation process on the example of the most popular search engines - the most popular in the world of Google Chrome, which occupies second place in RuNet Mozilla Firefox, no less popular Opera.

How does Google make the home page in the browser Mozilla Firefox?To set up your home page in this browser, you will find in the menu tab "Tools", and in the submenu select "Settings."In the resulting window, click the Settings tab of the "Basic".In the "Startup" you will see a line of "Home."There you will need to enter a site that you would like to make a home page, in this case,

If you want to Google opens every time you start Mozilla Firefox, select the "Run" message "Show my home page."Once everything is done, to save the changes, click "OK".

How to make Google your homepage in the browser Opera?To customize the browser in the main menu, select "Settings" in it - submenu "General Settings".Here you will be prompted for what to do every time you start the browser.Line "Home" register coveted address.

If you want every time you start Opera opened the home page, select the appropriate entry in the line "When you start."Save all changes by pressing «OK».

How to make Google home page in Google Chrome?To change the home page in the browser, just click on the icon - Allen key in the right corner of Google Chrome and select "Options" from the menu.In the settings window click on the tab "Basic".You will see the section "Home."Enter the address in the empty field with the option 'Open this page'.

to Google opens every time you start Google Chrome, tick "Open the home page" in the submenu "Primary Group".

Now you know how to set the home page in the most popular and well-known Internet browsers.As you can see, it's easy enough to do.