Black tea leaf: what is useful and how to brew

Black tea - a popular in our country is a tonic with a high taste and aromatic properties.Tea replenishes strength of the body, relieves fatigue, thirst quencher, even in the heat, improves mood.For many centuries it is loved around the world.The most valuable is a Tea black sheet.Technological scheme of its production includes several stages.


Held for preparation of tea leaves for further processing.In the evaporation of moisture is reduced area, volume and weight of the sheet is reduced turgor.Withering may be natural and artificial.In the first method tealeaves is spread thinly on a flat surface, the process takes 18 hours at an air temperature of 25 degrees.For artificial method uses special zavyalochnye devices.The process takes up to 8 hours at a temperature of 40 degrees temeperature.

Curl Curl

tea leaves into a tube is produced with the help of special machines - Roller.As a result of such an operation, there is a mechanical damage on the surface of the sheet, the cell juice flows onto and coats the surface of the tea leaves from the outside.Also begins the formation of acids, esters, leaf color changes from green to copper.


time this phase is 4-8 hours.The first phase of the fermentation is from the beginning of the rolling process, and the second takes place in a special room at room temperature, air humidity is very high (96 percent) and a constant flow of oxygen.As a result, the leaf becomes dark brown, improved aroma and taste.

Drying is carried out in order to stop the enzymatic processes and biochemical reactions.After drying the tea leaves turn black, an 80% decrease in the content of essential oils.Tea was dried first at 95 degrees up to humidity of 18% and then at a temperature of 80-85 degrees to four percent residual moisture.


When sorting the leaf tea leaves are separated from the broken lines, gentle - from firmer.As a result of this process, black tea leaf is divided into large and small (broken).Leaf tea is already divided into a first sheet (from the kidney, and the first sheet), second and third (the second and third leaf flush, respectively)

benefits of black tea

black leaf tea contains a lot of nutrients in the composition.For example, it has carotene - provitamin A, which is responsible for vision, healthy skin, nails, and hair as well as for the correct functioning of systems.

found in tea and vitamins, so pay attention to this drink is for people with diabetes, gout, peptic ulcer disease.

Vitamin C is partially lost in the production of tea, but is contained in some amount in the finished product.

very high content of vitamin P in black tea.Its function is to protect cells from free radicals, the restoration of their structure, slowing the aging process, the normalization of pressure.And this does not degrade the vitamin molecules of hyaluronic acid.

addition, other substances protect against allergic reaction, the immune system is maintained, have antibacterial properties.Black tea leaf is also indicated in diseases of the oral cavity, such as stomatitis.And most importantly, tones it better than any coffee!

Time Tea Party: How to brew black tea leaves?

In order to maximize the benefit from this healing drink need to know all the nuances of the process.How to brew black tea leaf?Firstly, the infusion time is dependent on the variety of tea and the hardness of the water, but on average ranges from 5 to 15 minutes.Before using clean rinse the teapot with boiling water.Secondly, there is a rule: the number of spoons of tea should be measured at the rate of 1 teaspoon of black tea to 1 cup of water in the kettle, plus one extra spoon.First, tea leaves give 5 minute soak in the kettle, and then pour with water of about 70 degrees.Give brew, poured into cups and enjoy a drink.

So black tea leaf, in addition to its unmatched taste and aromatic qualities, also has a mass of useful properties.No wonder the British have a habit of drinking tea every day to spend at 5 pm.It's time for us to enter into the tradition of daily consumption of at least a cup of fragrant drink.