Protocol inspection of the scene.

Any investigative activities begins with the fact that a protocol inspection of the scene.It is this document becomes the main base for all future conclusions of experts.Any, even the most effective and advanced measures to identify the perpetrator will not be able to give a result, if this paper will be drawn up incorrectly or with any errors, inaccuracies.It is therefore particularly important to make the fullest possible record in writing all the detected items.Indeed, any little thing can be direct or circumstantial evidence.Sometimes one such minor details have enough investigators to accurately prove the guilt of the perpetrator, and assign the appropriate punishment.

protocol inspection of the scene simultaneously pursues several objectives, each of which plays a huge role in the process.Furthermore, the document always takes place after a certain number of steps.Each of them has its own individual information is revealed.Here is a list of the tasks pursued by the set of measures for crime scene investigation:

  • preparatory stage, includes pre-action investigation team;
  • initial examination having a quick character;
  • general and more complete examination;
  • thorough study of all objects at the crime scene;
  • fixing the outcome of these procedures;
  • compilation of the information received;
  • thorough consideration of all available hands on the raw data, the construction of the possible versions, the nomination of speculation and other analytical work.

sample protocol inspection of the scene - is the basic document, which is a kind of stencil for all similar conclusions.It is designed as an exemplary pattern and comprises depth information that can be obtained by carrying out the above complex events.Using this sample, the responsible officer can easily create a protocol inspection of the scene.This example demonstrates the correct execution of all the required data structure, as well as their inclusion in the document.

When it comes to murder, an experienced investigator always provide inspection body forensic medical expert who is always at the service of the relevant authorities.This specialist will confirm the fact of death of the victim, as well as report the information based on the initial examination of the corpse.The investigator in the meantime will have to ask the people who own and found a violation of the law.All this is in addition to the gathering of evidence and study all the details properly be entered in the minutes of the crime scene investigation.In addition, these are the primary information and are the most valuable nature of information.Sometimes a careful examination of witnesses, as well as correct the conclusions reached after examination of the body of the victim, the offender can detect in the first hours after the accomplishment of the offense.Therefore it is very important to show special attention to the thoroughness of the examination and the accuracy in the interpretation of the facts.

protocol inspection of the scene contains detailed information regarding the nature of the wounds inflicted on the victim (if any be), the description of the skin of the body, the corpse position relative to the surroundings, his posture.All the damage accurately measured by a special device that allows you to put forward suggestions regarding the subject matter of the murder.

This document should be drawn up directly by the investigator, who directs the operation, in accordance with the clauses of the legislation of the Russian Federation.The protocol also has the virtue of hard evidence of guilt at trial.It may be making adjustments, as well as a number of amendments, if the investigation were found additional aspects.