Crime prevention

In 2011, August 11, in the Russian Federation adopted a draft federal law "On the Principles of crime prevention in the Russian Federation", which aims to reduce crime in our country by preventing illegal acts.After all, they now represent one of the major threats to human security.Among the main measures to combat this threat - the prevention of crime.That prevention can stop a potential offender.

Crime prevention - is a rational method of preserving the security of citizens of the state.Modern criminal situation in Russia differs little from that in the 90s of the 20th century.So, into a dwelling place for the purpose of theft is still the most common criminal act.Reduce the number of violations of law to law enforcement agencies can help prevent crime.Prevention of crime - this is a very complex, multi-level system.Consider the levels at which shares of crime prevention.

There are specially-criminological level to combat crime and general social.The first is characterized by the fact that it includes a set of measures to eliminate the possibility of specific offenses or common causes of illegal acts.These actions are small scale, although in some cases they may be directed at the whole group of people, for example, prevention of crime among offenders or juveniles.

general social level shirokomasshtaben prevent offenses more than a specially-criminological.It includes measures such as, for example, maintaining a high level of prosperity of the population, improvement of working conditions and terms of recreation, improving organization of the population, as well as the strengthening of discipline and responsibility.

Crime prevention is subject to another grading levels.At its core is a vertical differentiation:

  • highest level includes socio-economic measures (education, ideological work, the improvement of public relations).
  • Mid - preventive work with specific population groups, social groups, who tend to be influenced by negative trends.
  • lowest level.Spend crime prevention with specific individuals (the elimination of anti-social attitudes, changing value orientations, getting rid of anti-social attitudes of a particular person).

What are the main principles include prevention of crime?

  1. Democracy (control by the appropriate level of government, as well as from non-governmental organizations).
  2. Humanism (crime prevention should take place with the minimum loss of human, society and state).
  3. Legality (compliance with laws and regulations).
  4. scientific nature (all action on crime prevention must be scientifically justified).


  1. the law (preventive requirements should not break the law).
  2. Timeliness (application of prevention must take place immediately after finding out the causes and conditions of crime).
  3. Radicalism (should not partially, but completely eliminated all causes of crime).
  4. economical rationality (the cost of compliance with the relevant preventive measures and damage caused by the crime, for which these measures are directed).
  5. validity (use it in a situation where you really need it).

to crime prevention has benefited, you must comply with all these requirements and principles, as well as to take measures in the complex.