Revitalizing starvation: Pros and Cons

Fasting - a system of healing with an ancient history.Monthly Egyptians refrain from eating two to three days.Pythagoras claimed that the refusal of food has a positive effect on mental ability.This method was very popular in our country at the end of the last century, after the appearance of the book P. Bragg "Miracle of Fasting."

the basis of fasting is observing animals in the wild, and the experience of our ancestors, who, unlike us ate constantly, but only when they were able to get food.Technological advances have solved the problem of dinner, he also set us free from the physical burden of finding food.Modern man eats a lot and moves a little, that is consuming more than it spends.Besides lifestyle inhabitant metropolis associated with constant emotional and intellectual overload.We were influenced by the high pace of life, and its corollary - a violation of the natural biorhythms.

For many, food is a kind of barrier that protects against this powerful pressure.But metabolism is changing more slowly than the human condition.Therefore recreation fasting - an effective procedure for the preservation of health at the proper level, partly able to replace townspeople, who does not have time to play sports, workout in the fitness room.

believed that fasting frees the body of toxins - in fact in medicine, the term "slag" is missing.He has appeared thanks to the popular literature.Correct to speak of the end products of metabolism.It urea, uric acid, carbon dioxide resulting from the breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and acids as well as a number of other substances that the body can no longer be used.

Just like jogging, swimming, shaping, sauna and steam rooms, ice swimming, starvation trains the body, causing it to operate at a high load.Fasting has a powerful all-round effects on metabolism.After meals - this is not what we eat and what we can learn.Fasting trains the digestive, endocrine, urinary system.

It is very important to distinguish between medical and health deprivation.Fasting - is a set of procedures and measures that should be assigned to a specialist.As a result of incorrectly conducted prolonged fasting can cause serious kidney problems, disorders of the heart.Without preparation and consultation of the doctor is definitely harmful and even dangerous event.

Suitable for sanitary starvation?

Healthy people between 20 and 50 years without any damage to health can go without food for 1-2 days.But this is more a test of willpower.Dosed starvation - recreational activities.Hold it should be wisely and competently.

Before you start to starve, you need to clean the intestines.It is best to put a cleansing enema volume of 1.5 liters.You can replace this procedure laxatives - 30 g of magnesium sulfate dissolved in a glass of hot water.During the "hungry" of the day you need to drink at least one and a half to two liters of fluid.It is best suited for this purpose, the drinking water without gas with low content of salts.It is also useful in the day to take a hot bath or shower.As they say, cleansed inside and out.It is not difficult to understand that fasting is best to spend the weekend.

no less important phase of starvation - the so-called "out of hunger."The next day after fasting should not immediately jump to their normal diet - you must eat easily digestible foods, and start with a fresh juice diluted with water or orange grapefruit.

Contraindications to starvation

general starvation - a practice quite complicated.One of the reasons why the popularity of starvation in recent years has decreased - a large number of complications.Of course, it is impossible not to note the experience of the famous naturopath and adept fasting Paul Bragg, in whose hands he developed a technique works wonders.His books are still reprinted in huge circulations.But attempts to starve, based on the reading of books - pretty much the same as doing the surgery by reading a textbook on surgery.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that this type of rehabilitation is not for everyone. Here is a partial list of contraindications to starvation:

• Sudden exhaustion.
• Somatic diseases in exacerbation.
• tumors of any description and any location.
• Angina.
• Acute coronary heart disease.
• Diseases of the heart and kidneys.
• Acute tuberculosis.
• Diabetes.
• Diseases of the blood.
• Infectious arthritis exacerbation.

Fasting days

There is another reasonable measure to maintain physical health - fasting days.Refusal to accept the Orthodox animal food on Wednesdays and Fridays - the most obvious example of this method of healing.You should begin gradually, for example, once a week is not that day sweet and flour or eliminate animal proteins, dairy and meat.

With the accumulation of positive experience can be the most suitable one day a week to do "monodietnym."This day allowed to eat only one product - it can be a yogurt, apples, rice or buckwheat.This certainly plentiful drink (mineral water), promotes the excretion of waste products of the body and prevent blood clots.But juices better at this time not to drink: first, they contain a lot of sugar, and secondly, they stimulate the appetite.The "hungry" day go to bed early - less likely overtake you desire to eat at night looking.

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