Green Tea "Milk Oolong" - useful properties and contraindications

Asia - is the birthplace of the tea ceremony, where to drink tea fit with seriousness and mystery.To do this, choose only the best varieties of the drink.The process of selection of tea and related instruments is also very important.Green Tea "Milk Oolong" is very popular both in Europe and in Russia.Its unique taste qualities have created a lot of stories about its origin.Particular attention should be paid to the beneficial properties of this drink.

legends about the origin of

There are many stories on the subject of the origin of tea.One of the beautiful legend says that wonderful drink resulting in unrequited love Heavenly comets and moon.Comet prefer the sun and flew away, and the moon surrendered sadness.At this moment the world turned cold, strong wind arose.After that it has been collected an amazing harvest of delicious and unusual tea.

According to another version, more modern, growing plants watered with milk, and cover the roots of the rice husk.From this tea takes the unusual caramel

flavors.Whatever the origin of the history of the drink, its aroma and taste are unique and loved throughout the world.Translated from the Chinese name of the drink sounds like a "Golden Flower", while in Europe it is called "oolong" or "oolong".

Location milk flavor

In fact, green tea "Milk Oolong" gets its taste in the cultivation and production.It is time-consuming and expensive way of pollination hive solution made from sugar cane.The roots of the plants watered with milk, which is highly soluble.Then they are covered with husks of rice grains.Another method involves the production of tea processing the collected raw whey special solution.The combination of oolong tea extract and gives these unusual flavor notes.

Useful properties

«Milk Oolong" appreciate not only pleasant taste and aroma.It is also a very useful drink.Its properties known to many, so happy to use green tea (Oolong) to satisfy body and soul.Firstly, it is a relaxing drink, to get rid of earthly thoughts and enjoy the peace.Tea ceremony should take place in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Green Tea "Milk Oolong" useful properties which are very important, contains twice as many antioxidants than his brother - black tea.Its use increases efficiency, the overall tone of the body, warms and tones.After a fatty meal is desirable to drink a mug of green (milk) tea to relieve heaviness in the stomach.The drink perfectly freshens breath, rejuvenates the skin and improves the complexion.

«Milk Oolong" replaces the ice cream and some sweets, and therefore its use is useful for the figure.After drinking this drink, you can get rid of a headache, improve the functioning of the circulatory system and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.Although tea that increases appetite, its use contributes to slimming.This medicinal drink contains about 400 useful elements.


Despite the usefulness of this product, there are some minor contraindications.Precautions should consume the drink for people suffering from gastritis, ulcers and other gastric disorders.Do not drink tea before going to bed, because it has a stimulating effect.Limit intake oolung necessary and high blood pressure (no more than 1-2 cups a day).Also, do not recommend excessive consumption of this drink for people with kidney disease.Pregnant and nursing women should abstain or drink tea in this crucial period.Tea "Milk Oolong" (green), the properties of which are described in the article, has no other contraindications.


How to choose a high-quality green tea oolong?Useful properties and contraindications, which, incidentally, is very small, need to know necessarily.But the main thing - is to buy a real product.It is no secret that on the shelves of many fake tea that unscrupulous sellers of original issue.To start exploring the package.About largely tell the tea.There should not be any supplements.Under the package should not be viewed debris.This indicates a defective product in which there is tea dust.

Further determination of authenticity can only be done at home, tasted the drink taste.Not to be mistaken with the purchase, it is necessary to acquire the product only in specialized stores.And remember: quality green tea "Milk Oolong" can not be cheap.


collection of raw materials is carried out in autumn or spring.Harvested leaves are processed, but the fermentation is not brought to the end.She was subjected to only the edges of the sheet and part of the surface.Thus, a large part of the plant retains its natural structure.Total production of green tea "Milk Oolong" acquires its unique properties.The brewed beverage has a delicate shade of pale lemon.Its taste becomes sweet with hints of milk.A very important role in the uniqueness of tea production technology and plays a locus.

rejuvenating effect

One of the beneficial properties of tea, which is very appreciated women - its anti-aging effect.That is why the use of this drink has a beneficial effect on the skin.Tea prevents aging and promotes enhanced collagen.Also recommended oral use ice cubes made from tea.Rubbing of the skin, you can smooth out wrinkles and reveal the pores.This rejuvenation effect affects the whole body.A large number of useful elements improve metabolic processes in cells.Admission tea promotes rapid recovery after illnesses and improve vitality.That is why it is recommended to use for older people.This improves brain function and memory.There is a general rejuvenation of the body and skin.Especially tea useful to those who are engaged in intellectual work and whose work requires high concentration of attention.

Choosing water

out all the properties of tea and its origin, it is necessary to examine the procedure for its use.To fully enjoy the taste and aroma of the beverage, it is necessary to make it right.The main role here is withdrawn water.This is the foundation of the whole process.Immediately it is worth noting that a simple tap water is not suitable.It is tough and has a certain flavor.To fully experience the taste of green tea, it is better to use water from a clean source, or buy in the store, bottled.According to the "behavior" of brewed beverage can immediately determine the quality of water.If there was a top film, the tea is cooked properly.This plaque essential oils and vitamins that have come into contact with bad water and dissolved.

Basics of cooking and variety of dishes

Chinese green tea - "Royal Ginseng Oolong" or any other - is brewed according to the degree of fermentation.For less fermented varieties suitable water is not too hot, not more than 80 degrees.Infuse such drink followed for 3 minutes.For more kinds of fermented water temperature may reach 90 degrees.Brewing time - long.To prepare the tea take small size, it is better from Yixing clay, with thick walls.This keeps the temperature of the dishes perfectly and allows the tea to reveal all its properties.A third pot will take the tea leaves, and the rest - water.Green milk tea can be brewed several times depending on the variety.This is an average of 10, but some types are used twice.

Kung Fu Cha

This is a special way of welding, which is considered the highest skill serving tea.First, it is necessary to rinse the selected tea with boiling water.Then he poured the tea (about a third of the dishes).Thereafter, a container is poured hot water (not less than 90 degrees), and soon it was discarded.This liquid is not used for drinking.Then again, pour hot water and keep it in a pot for about a minute.The liquid is then drained and fed it to the table.That this drink is considered the best.Brewing procedure can be repeated several times.Each additional drink will have its own unique taste.Only after several zavarok can fully reveal the beauty and uniqueness of this product.Each time, it will please new shades.

How to drink tea

To feel the full flavor of green tea milk, it is necessary to observe certain rules of his drinking.You can not exactly repeat the whole Chinese ceremony.It is important to find the right utensils.It should not be metallic.Also plays an important role water quality and brewing technology.Drinking green tea is better milk after eating.It aids in digestion and overall improvement.The tradition of drinking tea with milk, honey, jam or sweets is not quite appropriate.These products interfere feel the unique flavor that has a green Oolong tea (Vietnam).The properties of the drink are such that it is better to use it, without interrupting the taste of other ingredients.The main thing that was a real tea.The original product is not cheap, but if you can buy it, you get a chance to enjoy its unique flavor and milk, slightly sweet flavor.