What is ovulating and how to calculate?

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For women who want to become pregnant, it is important to know the exact date of ovulation.It was in those days, the likelihood of fertilization is the highest.What is ovulating and how to calculate, described later in this article.We hope that the above information in it you will definitely come in handy.

What ovulation

word "ovulation" comes from the Latin ovum, which means "egg".This term represents a period of the menstrual cycle when the mature follicle bursts.Thereafter ripe for fertilization egg is released from the ovary into the abdominal cavity.It passes the path of the fallopian tube to the uterus itself, which takes an average of 24 hours.

It was during this period of time there is the greatest likelihood that the sperm meets the egg and fertilize it.If this happens, then got into the uterus, the egg is attached there, followed by a pregnancy and the fetus begins to develop.Regulation of ovulation produces the hypothalamus, which controls the release of hormones.

ovulation cycle is different.It starts when the reproductive years, with the appearance of menses.From this moment the body is ready to conceive, pregnancy and childbirth.Usually this occurs in 12-14 years and lasts until menopause at age 47-55.

The woman every month in ovarian and endometrial cyclical changes occur.They are called the menstrual cycle.It lasts an average of 24-35 days.The countdown begins with the first day of menstruation and ends with the beginning of the next.Ovulation is closely associated with the cycle.Usually, it occurs in the middle.If you wish to become pregnant for a woman very important the exact date of ovulation.Experts offer several methods for its determination.

main signs

There are several symptoms that a woman came ovulation - the day of the cycle, when the release of an egg from the ovary.All signs are divided into objective and subjective.First, more reliable - is the study of ultrasound and lab results.The latter does not provide an absolute guarantee of determination.They rely on the sense of the woman and her observation of his own body.

main symptoms of ovulation are:

  • number of cervical mucus increases considerably.It becomes less viscous and becomes yellow.You may also receive smearing neobilnye selection.
  • possible discomfort and aching pain in the abdomen, in the area of ​​the ovaries.
  • Chest slightly swells, it becomes more sensitive.
  • may swell the stomach.
  • increases libido, increasing sexual desire.
  • The number of luteinizing hormone.
  • for a few tenths of a degree increases the basal body temperature.
  • change the position of the cervix and its elasticity.

All of the above symptoms may occur singly or together, or slightly hard.If a woman is to listen to your body, it is required to understand how to calculate ovulation on their own feelings.

reasons for the lack

If for some reason the egg is not out of the follicle, ovulation does not occur, and then the woman can not get pregnant.This month can walk normally or even absent.In the second embodiment, or if you can not get pregnant for one to two years should be checked by a specialist.

Every healthy young woman disruptions in ovulation occurs once or twice a year, and at the age older fertility decreases and anovulatory cycles are alternated more and more.In a normally functioning organism ovulation missing during pregnancy, lactation regularly, taking oral contraceptives.The lack of it can be triggered by stress or overwork.Also similar is happening with the hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, inadequate or overweight, gynecological diseases.In any of these cases, examination and consultation.

Calculating the cycle

What is ovulation?How to calculate it?The answer to the first question has already been described above.And in order to calculate their own favorable for pregnancy days, should keep a calendar of menstrual cycle at least half a year, because it's all very individual, and for the most accurate results, you should know its performance in a couple of months.It is necessary to mark the days of the beginning of every month.From the recorded data it is possible to know the length of the cycle, which ranges from 19 to 40 days.Ovulation occurs two weeks before the beginning of the month.

With an average periodicity of 28 days favorable for conception cycle counting the days from the 13th to the 15th.If the duration is greater than or less than, the date of oocyte maturation shifts.How to calculate ovulation in this case?It should be added to the start date of the last month the number of days of the menstrual cycle to know the number when to begin the next.From the result we subtract two weeks.The final date - the time of ovulation.Was added thereto and the next few days.

Determination of calculator

Today many publications offer a variety of table, by which you can keep a calendar month, and ovulation.As it is very easy to calculate the time of oocyte maturation, favorable for conception and safe for the days of unprotected intercourse.

to using ovulation calculator, calculate your travel dates, you should enter it in the following data: the date of the beginning of the last menstrual period and cycle length.Then calculate the result.Accurate date can be obtained only with a stable regular cycle, so completely rely on such a table is not necessary.They can be added for this check, but not an independent means of contraception.

measurement of basal temperature

Most women who want to become pregnant, or conversely, to define safe days, carefully study what ovulation and how to calculate it using the basal body temperature of his body.This method is one of the most reliable.However, it requires daily care and the procedure for three menstrual cycles.

Measurements are taken in the morning.Perform they should be in bed, immediately after waking up.The temperature is measured in the rectum conventional thermometer.The woman should keep a table in which every day is necessary to enter the data.You can make it as a graph to make it easier to trace the dynamics.These indicators are compared with the controls:

  • in the first half of the cycle, the basal temperature is below 37 ° C;
  • a day before the release of the egg slightly reduced degree;
  • during ovulation is an increase to 37-37,4 ° C.

This method shows incorrect information after intercourse, during the illness, while taking certain medications or alcohol.

Test ovulation

If using the calendar, thermometer and ovulation calculator, to calculate the exact date is not possible, you can try another way - a special test.You can purchase it at a pharmacy.Principle of operation - a reaction to the increase in luteinizing hormone in urine.This indicates the maturation of the egg.

If you wish to determine favorable days for conception, it is necessary in advance and twice a day (morning urine is not necessary) to begin to do this test on ovulation.Comments about it are different, one gets a reliable result, but disappointed with some of the women in this process.After hormonal surge can also occur when anovulatory cycles, and the reactants still react to it and show a positive result - two strips.Yet in most cases the result is correct.

In addition to determining the concentration of hormones in urine, there is another ovulation test, reviews of which women are very good.It operates on the basis of saliva, which also responds to changes in the female body increases amount of salt in the composition.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

most correct result of a ovulation can be obtained using a modern method - monitoring folliculogenesis ultrasound machine.If the result is positive, it is possible to trace and monitor its flow, and with a negative - reveal violations.

exact time of the study prescribed by the physician.Typically, the regular 28-day cycle monitoring is conducted on the first 8-10 days after it began.The procedure is then repeated every 1-2 days until it locks fact ovulation.In case of lack of further examination is carried out for the correct diagnosis of the cause of failure.

medical techniques

addition to the above methods for determining ovulation, there are several others that are only available when you visit your doctor.One of them - the study of blood on the increased concentration of hormones.It is rarely used because of the high cost and the need to repeatedly donate blood for analysis.

Another medical method - "a symptom of a fern."The patient takes the smear, which is applied to the laboratory glass.Upon the occurrence of ovulation cervical mucus crystallizes - and then under the microscope, you can see the characteristic pattern in the form of fern leaves.This is due to the increased concentration of sodium chloride.This method is time-consuming.A woman needs to visit a doctor for several days.Because of this it is rarely used.

Determination of ovulation with irregular cycle

Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of a stable frequency of menstruation.How determined ovulation with irregular cycle?Calendar method in this case will be ineffective.

cycle disorders If the exact date of ovulation will help doctors to determine the ultrasound monitor.You can also use the method of measurement of basal body temperature, or purchase special tests to detect elevated levels of hormones.

So, we told you what ovulation and how to calculate.We hope that this information will help in determining the days favorable for the conception of the baby.They'll find a lot of useful article for yourself and those who wish to learn about the safe time to unprotected sexual intercourse.