How to normalize the hormones a woman?

How to normalize female hormones?This question is often asked by the fair sex to their doctors.After hormonal failure is one of the major problems of modern girls.In this regard, article submission, we decided to dedicate it to the topic.


Before answering the question of how to normalize hormonal women, it should be noted that the lack of development of even a single hormone could have a negative impact on the whole body the fairer sex.That is why at the first sign of violation is required immediately turn to an experienced endocrinologist and gynecologist.On the basis of personal inspection and data analysis, such specialists will be able to quickly diagnose and prescribe effective treatment.

Why do you need the normalization of hormonal background?

If the girl has broken hormones, then it will certainly lead to pathological changes in the body.Moreover, from the wrong hormone (sexual) depends on the fact whether a woman to get pregnant, and the baby normally make.

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How to normalize hormonal woman with medication?

The most common hormonal imbalance is normalized using the medication.Typically, these include synthetic hormones, which make up a deficit of own or suppress their excess production.Assign these drugs should only be experienced.It should be noted that quite a large number of women do not immediately agree to the use of such drugs.But we should remember that hormonal disturbance - it's quite a serious problem that must be addressed in the early stages.

How to normalize female hormones?Often with such abnormalities doctors prescribe to their patients various vitamins.It is believed that they are the safest and most effective way to respect.Although in most cases the usual vitamins can not solve the problem itself, but only smooth out the effects or symptoms of imbalance.By the way, this method is most useful when the hormonal balance is disrupted due to any external causes - stress, lack of sleep and so forth.

Another solution to this problem could serve as the use of dietary supplements.It should be noted that such funds are often appointed by the endocrinologists and gynecologists.However, their action is not curative.Rather, it is similar to the impact on the female body ordinary vitamins.Therefore rely only on some dietary supplements is not recommended.

Restoring hormonal balance through diet

Violation of hormonal women can occur for various reasons.However, the deviation data to be treated by the same methods.Some doctors in such cases it is recommended to use proper nutrition.For example, for the normal production of hormones thyroid should more regularly include in your daily diet foods such as figs, spinach, various seafood, persimmons, plums, currants and others. To have a good produce the hormone of sleep, it is advisable to increase your intake of fiber, but reduce the number ofcaffeine and alcohol.After all, these products have a negative impact on human health.

Violation of hormonal women, or rather wrong estradiol production by the ovaries, requires additional consumption of protein (meat, eggs, fish, etc.).It is also recommended to remove the flour from your diet foods and fiber.This is due to the fact that these ingredients contribute to withdrawal of estradiol from the body.If the patient must remove progesterone deficiency, it should often use black currants, rose hips and citrus fruits.

Folk remedies

How to restore the hormonal balance in using traditional methods?To do this, experts recommend the use of decoctions of plants such as chamomile, sage, nettle and calendula.If the fairer sex has arisen menopausal hormonal imbalances, it is necessary to use St. John's wort, peppermint, lemon balm, or lily of the valley.To do this requires listed plant pour boiling water and leave for a while to the side.Take a decoction is recommended twice a day for half a glass.

Other methods of restoring hormonal balance

To combat hormonal imbalance should maintain a healthy lifestyle.The first thing to pay attention to proper sleep.It should be quiet and deep.Sleep should not be less, but not more than 8 hours a day.

In addition, experts advise to use the techniques of acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage.Despite the fact that such events are not officially recognized treatments of hormonal background, they also facilitate the overall condition of the girl, as well as improve its health.