What is 4G unlimited Internet

Today, the Internet is literally all around us in everyday life.We use social networks, watch movies, download programs, which facilitate our work.Each of us, in fact, is in parallel to the "online life", consisting of accounts on different services, gaming and platforms for communication.No wonder that for constant contact with all of these resources need uninterrupted access to the Internet.The preference, of course, given the mobile, which allows, for example, go to a social network anywhere and at any time: at home, at work or even on the road.So, strictly speaking, there is a demand for 4G internet.

Formats internet connection

should be noted that the mobile Internet is not something new and inaccessible both worldwide and in our country.Just before he was slow, weak and quite expensive, starting from GPRS and ending with 2G.The latter, incidentally, was quite acceptable for browsing in the browser, mail and in some online programs.On more - download video or downloading music - unfortunately he was not able to.

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Today everything has changed.We have a most advanced to date technology - 4G Internet.Given the wide geographical coverage of mobile providers, such a network is available almost anywhere, even in areas outside the city.Because of this, anyone can enjoy all the benefits offered by 4G-coating.

Benefits of 4G

So, the format of the network of the last generation (even this communication format called LTE) is advantageous in all parameters compared to 2G and 3G.In particular, the connection speed and cost.

example, using the unlimited 4G Internet, the film can be downloaded, on average, for 7 minutes.When compared with the format of the third generation, that is about four times faster and with 2G - 10-12 times.Impressive, is not it?

addition to downloading movies, of course, high speed Internet 4th generation noticeable in all other kinds of work.It can be instantly open a page in a browser, download a couple of seconds a song or a stable high-speed connection to Skype without inhibitions and break connection.

Actually, 4G data rate can be compared with a conventional stationary connection.The only disadvantage that has the format the network is still the volume.Yes, tariff plans, which promote the market operators, are available at the normal price.But the disadvantage is that they are limited in the number of transmitted data.Sometimes it is large packets of 20-30 GB, but still limited - there.If we talk about the absence of restrictions, the price is rising quite sharply.This means that the unlimited 4G Internet (ie, one in which there is no restriction on the amount of data sent and received customer data) we are still not available.Although, of course, the first steps to reduce the cost of promoting it and has made.

Perhaps the reason for this is the very way of organizing the transmission of the signal on the network LTE.Let us consider it in more detail.

How does 4G Internet?

reason for such a high-speed Internet signal of the fourth generation is the use of more advanced equipment.If you do not go into the technical features, we can say this: the operators have invested in signaling 4G, and therefore the value of the Internet, and the extent to which it is granted, due to these investments and the need to return them.

addition to the costs associated with the transfer of the signal of this format, there is another category of costs - a device capable of receiving a signal.It's one thing if you phone or tablet latest models that are sure to support LTE;another - this is when you are looking for a special Internet 4G modem for your PC or laptop.In this case, of course, you need to pay attention to what are the characteristics of such a device, and whether it will work in your chosen network.

Which unit receives the 4G?

As already mentioned, among the tablets and smartphones (and other mobile devices) support the work function in LTE networks have the most advanced model.As a rule, this point in the description of such a device or isolated place in the device name (eg, Google Nexus 7 LTE).Therefore, choose the gadget, with which you will be able to enjoy the benefits of working in the Internet fourth generation using this benchmark, you will be fairly easy.

As for other categories of signal receivers - modems, the situation is somewhat different.Portable modems are different: some of them are configured to operate solely in one format, e.g., 3G;others operate as a 4G network, and in older communications formats.Here again, you need to pay attention to the characteristics and to take into account is whether you plan to work with the modem, for example, even with the card network 2G.If yes, then you need to find a universal device.

who provides communication services 4G?

now proceed to review the operators that provide communications services.Traditionally - is a provider of cellular communication with technical facilities (network towers) capable of transmitting a mobile signal.Through these same towers and create a network of the fourth generation of the Internet.Consequently, 4G services provided by operators in the framework of the tariff plans that are for subscribers.

Now the market LTE network can distinguish three major operators, service providers: MTS, "Beeline" and "Megaphone".About them in this article we will write some topics that will try to outline the basic conditions of service, including the cost of data packets.

In addition to these, there is also the company Yota, engaged in the provision of Internet services in Russia.About

rates of each of these operators - continued.

Internet from MTS

Let's start with the MTS.The official website contains information about the presence of three tariff plans.It - Internet-Mini, Internet and Internet-Maxi-VIP.Accordingly, the maintenance cost of all plans is as follows: 350, 700 and 1200 rubles.

now understand, how much data is available to the user for these amounts in the format of 4G.Internet MTS offers the following packages: 3, 12 and 30 GB.It should also be clarified that the last two plan - Maxi and VIP - make it possible to surf the Internet without restrictions at night.Called "Night Unlimited".It can be a great help for those who would like to download a new movie on a mobile device, just leave it on overnight.

MTS Connection speed is not limited.As for the additional packages, the top 2 GB of user cost of 250 rubles, and another 5 - 450 rubles.Thus, even if you ended your 4G internet, MTS is ready to provide more for a modest fee.

Internet from "MegaphoneĀ»

The "Megaphone" tariff plans for internet all formats are the same.This definitely has some logic in terms of convenience for customers.In fact, the subscriber does not have to pay more for a particular signal format, as he is interested in mobile Internet services in general.

Rates for Internet 4G "Megaphone" offers the following: XS, S, M, L, XL with the cost 7 rubles / day, 350, 590, 890 and 1290 rubles per month, respectively.

For this amount the subscriber finally receives 70 megabytes (per day), 3 GB, 16 GB, 36 GB and unlimited internet per month.This is a rather convenient and inexpensive: the user chooses how much traffic they need and for how long.

Another argument in favor of 4G internet to order "Megaphone" - the additional shares is to provide devices for the reception.In particular, the operator is ready to offer you a great mobile router or USB-modem at a bargain price.Also bundled with it will go the company's starter package, whereby you can inexpensively upgrade to tariff plans of "Megaphone".

Plus, the company also provides an opportunity to buy traffic volume of 1 or 5 GB for 150 and 400 rubles, respectively.

Internet from the "BeelineĀ»

yellow-black "Beeline" - is another provider of mobile Internet services.On his website, like other operators, painted an entire table the advantages of this format of communication, created a variety of promotional pages and videos, proving the many advantages of the fourth generation.

With regard to tariffs, which provides 4G Internet "Beeline", then they are called as follows: "All 200", "All 400", "600 All" and "All 900".The numbers in each of the titles - is the price at which the offer package.Traffic volumes within each of these are: 1, 2, 5, 6 GB.Besides the Internet, the package includes (as, indeed, and other operators) additional services such as free in-network calls and inexpensive calls to other operators.

Comparing 4G Internet "Beeline" with other providers, of course, become apparent difference in the prices and volumes of packages.For 900 rubles this operator gives 6 gigabytes, whereas the "Megaphone" - 36 GB for the same amount.

Internet by Yota

This provider conditions seem to be more loyal.For example, just 300 rubles give you unlimited internet.MTS 4G connection on the same value (for comparison) ready to connect in the amount of 3 GB.The difference is felt, right?

Other tariffs Yota - is three packages (each of which is also unlimited), which are characterized by different speeds and therefore vary in price based on that.So, the connection of 1 Mbit / s is available for 300 rubles, 3 - for the 590, and the package "Maximum speed" are rendered at a price of 790 rubles.

by Yota LTE communication clearly profitable, but do not forget that other mobile operators make it possible to call in a network or for its predelely cheaper, and use SMS packages.At the same provider to carry out such activities less profitable.

How do I connect?

In this article, we have given a list of mobile operators, predostalyayuschih 4G Internet services (including unlimited).The question remains on how to connect.The answer is quite simple.

First, you need to find the device with which you want to work in the future and which supports the format of the fourth generation.It is recommended to look at that company, whose services will benefit, for example, the company "Megaphone" Internet 4G modem cheaper if from it you will "sit" on their network.

Second, buy a SIM card provider, the terms of which is closer to you.Third, activate the card and refill your account.Activation is performed by entering a combination of numbers (you'll see them on the starting package card), as well as by dialing a service center (although there you are likely to say, to make a set of combinations).Then you need to update your account - and the mobile Internet with you!