Plastic ear in children: reviews, photos.

Why kids are protruding ears?How true the statement that the cause is improper lying during pregnancy the fetus?At what age is allowed plastic ear and how it is done?Answers to all these questions you can find in this article.

What droopy ears?

droopy ears - a violation of the angle of attachment of the cartilage, or overgrowth of cartilage of the ear, in other words, the anatomical feature.In most cases - a family "hell."In addition, there is a version that the protruding ears are formed due to improper lying during pregnancy the fetus.However, it is quite controversial, and most experts do not support it.

Some people think that small droopy ears at an early age can be corrected by securing the ears at night with the help of a medical patch.This naive misconception, and far unsafe - the patch can lead to deformation of the ear, as well as to provoke skin inflammation.Thus, without such correction procedures as plastic ear - impossible.

Types otoplasty

  1. Reconstructive plastic - used to restore all of the ear, or certain parts of the missing.
  2. Aesthetic plastic - is performed to make ear aesthetic appearance.


  • Increasing the angle between the ear and the skull, which normally should not exceed 30 °.
  • Repeated plastic ear in children, if the results of the first operation for the patient proved to be unsatisfactory.
  • droopy ears.
  • Plastic earlobe during its deformation or underdevelopment.
  • irregular shape of the pinna bilateral or unilateral.
  • whole or in part, acquired or congenital absence of the pinna.


  • coagulation disorders.
  • Some clinics do not undertake to carry out the operation during menstruation.
  • cancer.
  • diabetes.
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the middle or outer ear.
  • Acute infectious diseases.


  • Fluorography electrocardiogram.
  • general analysis of blood and urine.
  • Blood tests for markers of viral hepatitis, syphilis and HIV.
  • Coagulation, blood chemistry.


Ear surgery for children, as well as any other operations that require anesthesia.His doctor assigns, depending on the state of health as well as the individual patient.Typically, this operation is performed on an outpatient basis with the use of anesthesia.

Children tend to use general anesthesia, since local kids are not able to for a long time to stay in the absolute stillness.Adults and adolescents plastic ear is performed under local anesthesia.

The operation

With the "wrong side" of the ear is carried out a small incision to further not leave visible traces.Next released cartilage, which is cut in a certain way.This is accomplished by means of a scalpel or laser.In contrast to the scalpel, laser has a number of advantages: it allows you to operate more accurately and precisely, after cutting the tissue is rapidly "sealing of" blood vessels, so the blood loss in this case is practically absent.

Then at the new location is secured cartilage, skin superimposed cosmetic seams, for this purpose use special bioresorbable surgical threads.The same manipulation is done with the second ear.

surface wound processed by a special antiseptic ointment, sterile dressing is applied and compression belt.On average, an operation such as a plastics ear takes about 60 minutes.Sometimes more, but that does not mean that there were some unforeseen circumstances.

Laser otoplasty

Laser plastic ear (pictured below) will make them not only accurate, but also prevent swelling after surgery.In addition, laser scalpel, compared with hand surgeon operates more plastically and accurately.The main feature is a specialist in the opening of the ear, then the action starts in the laser beam, strengthens blood vessels.This operation lasts on average 30 minutes.Then, after a series of measures bandage, which was withdrawn after only a week.

Despite the fact that the operation is not difficult, provided after the rehabilitation period.You will need to wear a special bandage, thus protecting the most vulnerable places on infection control, and water.Typically, otoplasty not lead to complications, but in rare cases can cause skin diseases and allergic reaction.In this connection, the doctors advised to handle special solution region of the ear.

Postoperative bandage

Immediately after surgery superimposed cloth gauze, which is secured with a bandage.It needs to be worn without removing yourself for six days.Then compression bandage is worn only during sleep.Thus, it is necessary to place at least two weeks.

dressing after surgery certainly done the next day.Subsequent ligation performed at the discretion of the attending physician.If the seams are not bioresorbable, they are removed after about seven days.Even after a month, you can begin a carefree activity.

Also note that this operation does not affect the hearing, even though it can cause bruising and swelling.And in order to speed up the rehabilitation period, standard procedures can be completed hardware cosmetology, physiotherapy and more.


otoplasty otoplasty prices are approximate, so the more accurate figure is directly at the place of operation.

Thus, eliminating droopy ears, on average you can do from 11,000 to 150,000 rubles.At full or partial restoration of the pinna spend from 14,000 to 240,000 rubles.

Plastic earlobe cost 3000-50000 rubles.Reducing the size of the ear - from 12,000 to 60,000 rubles.

If we are talking about laser surgery, it is valued at 30000-80000 rubles.

Again, all prices are approximate.Here is the average result, therefore, somewhere may be more expensive somewhere cheaper.However, for the presentation of the picture that should be enough.

Where do plastic ears?

In most cases, looking through a friend.Also, information on the centers of plastic surgery can be found on the Internet - sites have feedback about the specialists ratings.Giving preference to a particular center before to carry her child, the parents, it is desirable to get acquainted with the surgeon.Talk to a specialist, ask to see a portfolio of his patients before and after otoplasty, as well as find out the number of transactions per month.

Ear surgery: reviews

If you decide to do such an operation to her child, the first thing it does not need to save.Do not otoplasty dubious clinics in which you are asked to solve your problems virtually nothing.After all, it can cost several times more expensive, not only in financial terms, but also for health reasons.

As for reviews, that if you do the operation in good clinic and if it will hold a good specialist, worry about the consequences should not be.All done in the best possible way.After all, it is important reputation, and problems due to a simple operation is absolutely not wanted.

Another question - Do you keep all post-operative requirement.Do not remove the bandage, were not allowed to pull you for the new ears, especially in the first few months after surgery.We slept the first month in a sling on her back.If you observe, after otoplasty your ears are not exactly sticking again.

Thus, summing up, it should be noted that if you go to a well-established center for plastic surgery and be sure to comply with all the requirements, you will not have any problems.